Is it okay to wear sexy underwear after losing weight?

Introduction: Weight loss and sexy underwear before marriage

Losing weight before marriage is a thing that many women will try. In order to show the best image at the wedding, weight loss has become a necessary preparation.After losing weight, many women want to put on all kinds of beautiful sexy underwear to celebrate their beautiful figure.But is it really possible to wear a fun underwear after losing weight?

The first part: weight loss will affect the beautiful chest and body

During the weight loss process, a person’s body will change a lot.There may be a rapid decline in weight, and the chest will become less plump.In addition, the proportion of the body will not be coordinated, especially in the waist.When these negative effects can cause sexy and sexy underwear, people are not confident, beautiful, and not successful.

Part 2: The figure after weight loss will be more slender

Although weight loss affects your body proportion, it will also make your body more slender.A weight loss body will make your legs look longer and can highlight the shallow collarbone, and the whole person is more light and playful.This will have a more intimate experience for women who want to wear sexy underwear.

Part 3: It is important to choose the right sexy underwear

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you when you want to wear sex underwear after losing weight.For women with uncoordinated chest ratio, they can choose sexy underwear with morphological shaping.For women who want to highlight the waist, the beautiful and beautiful lace underwear will also meet the requirements.

Part 4: The style should be suitable for your body proportion

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different figures.For example, for women with small breasts, sexy underwear wearing milk stickers will be strengthened.For women with fat waist, A -shaped sexy underwear is a good choice.When choosing, please pay attention to the degree of coordination between your body proportion and style.

Part 5: Color is also important

Color is also very important for sexy underwear.For women with dim skin, light -colored underwear will look more refreshing.Similarly, for fair -skinned women, you can choose dark erotic underwear.In terms of color matching, it is suitable for you to bring a more confident experience.

Part 6: Wear sex underwear and use skills

After wearing a sexy underwear with half skirt tight pants, it can make the posture look lighter and playful.In addition, you can use accessories such as your favorite headdress, stockings, high heels to replenish your fashion taste.

Part 7: Skills for maintaining sexy underwear

How to maintain sexy underwear?First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the washing method of the underwear to prevent stretching and deformation in the washing machine.In addition, avoid using hot water or powerful detergent, and use soft scrubbing.When placing, pay attention to prevent direct sunlight and prevent discoloration.At the same time, avoid wearing the same sexy underwear many times in a short time.

Part 8: Pay attention to occasions when wearing sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear will make people more sexy, but pay attention to moderate.In public, it is not appropriate to wear over -exposed sexuality and sexy underwear.The dress should be selected according to the occasion, and it is the most important thing to maintain it and elegance.

Part 9: Loss is not the only factor choice factor for underwear

When wearing underwear, do not take weight loss as the only choice factor.Before wearing underwear, you can find your own characteristic parts and emphasize.Similarly, don’t always care too much about the lack of figure. You must learn to enjoy the fashion and self -confidence brought by wearing sexy underwear.

Part 10: Conclusion

All in all, weight loss is not a stumbling block for women who want to wear sexy underwear.After weight loss, the body will make women more slender and fill the beautiful memories of her heart.How to choose underwear styles, colors, matching, and how to maintain underwear are important.At the same time, do not always consider weight loss as the only choice factors, and enjoy the fashion and self -confidence brought by wearing sexy underwear.

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