Sex underwear statistics

Sex underwear statistics


Interest underwear is one of the popular sexual products in recent years, and the sales of different sexy underwear in the market are also different.The following will analyze the statistics of sexy underwear from different angles to show you the popularity of different types of sexy underwear.

Types of sex underwear in the top three sales volume

According to the recent sex underwear sales data, the top three sales volume are sexy underwear, erotic clothes and sexy underwear suits.Among them, sexy underwear accounts for 35%of the overall sales volume, and the sexual clothes and sexy underwear suits account for 22%and 18%, respectively.

Women’s purchase ratio is higher than men’s sexy underwear types

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From the perspective of the gender ratio of the buyer, the proportion of women’s purchase of sexy underwear and sexual clothes is significantly higher than that of men, while the proportion of men’s purchase of sexy underwear suits is slightly higher than women.

The top three sexy lingerie styles in the ranking of single products

Among the different styles of sexy underwear, the top three items in the sales volume are split sexy underwear, hollowed out -out panties and lace sexual clothes.Among them, the split sex underwear accounts for 15%of the overall sales, and the hollowed out -out panties and lace sex coats occupy 12%and 11%, respectively.

Analysis of sexy underwear attributes and purchase preferences

According to different sexy underwear attributes, you can find the preferences of different people.For example, black and red are more popular color choices. Transparent materials and lace styles are also elements that are favored by consumers.

The age distribution of sexy underwear consumers

From the perspective of the age distribution of consumers of sexy underwear, young people aged 20 to 35 are the main buyers, including consumers aged 20 to 25.At the same time, among consumers over 40 years old, women’s purchase ratios are significantly higher than men.

The distribution of sex underwear sales in different regions

Judging from the distribution of sex underwear sales in different regions, the consumption level of the southeast coastal cities is significantly higher than inland cities, and the market potential of the provincial capital cities and municipalities is also worthy of attention.

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Analysis of sexy underwear sales channels

At present, the sales channels for sex underwear are mainly connected to the store stores and e -commerce platforms.With the differences between online and offline consumption habits, the market potential of the sexy lingerie e -commerce platform in the future will increase.

The impact of the brand on consumers

In sexy underwear consumption, the brand’s influence on consumers cannot be ignored, and Japanese -style sex underwear brands represented by brands such as JAPAN KAWAI and Hedong Lion Roar are gradually increasing in consumption.

Future trend of sexy underwear

With the gradual acceptance of consumers’ sex culture, the future potential of the sex underwear market will grow greater. At the same time, when facing future development opportunities and challenges, brands will be an important guarantee and core competitiveness of market competition.


Judging from the analysis of erotic underwear statistics, different sex underwear types, styles, attributes, consumers’ age, sales channels and brands on consumers are all factor worthy of attention.As consumers’ acceptance of sexy underwear culture gradually increases, the sex underwear market will also show more development space and potential.