Sex underwear underwear underwear number

Sex underwear underwear underwear number

Sex underwear Type: Introduction

Interest underwear is a fashion highly respected by young people in recent years.In terms of quality, sexy underwear has extraordinary sexy and quality, which has become a fashion representative. As a sexy underwear enthusiast, understanding that the number will bring you unimaginable joy.

1. When will you start using the number?

The use of the number is derived from the Japanese AV industry and is the only number used to distinguish each film.After entering the 21st century, the sex underwear industry began to use this number to identify the style.Every sexy underwear enthusiast can easily specify the characteristics of the style.

2. The scope of the number coverage

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There are generally two types: one is the number used by the Japanese market, and the other is the number used by the Chinese market.The number of Japanese markets is mainly composed of letters, including S, M, L, LL, 3L, etc., as well as the number of letters such as "C", "D", "E".The number of Chinese numbers generally includes the combination of numbers or letters, such as A108 and B223.

3. Interpretation of the meaning of the number

Generally speaking, the letters in the number represent different characteristics.For example, "S" represents contour tight underwear, and "M" represents a full set of sexy underwear, similar to sexual jumpsuits."L" represents the sexy underwear of the X -shaped shoulder strap. In most cases, there will be lace lace in this underwear.

4. Different number distinguished brand

Different brands will also reflect their own characteristics and styles in the number.For example, the cheese number of the Japanese sex lingerie brand "Virginity Factory" contains the meaning of Japanese culture. Their LSHD number is "Love い い い, afternoon steaming, secret Fengya."

5. The relationship between the number and quality

The number does not represent the quality and price of sexy underwear, but it can facilitate the purchase of the sexy lingerie.You can easily select your favorite sexy underwear based on the number in shopping malls or e -commerce to reduce the difficulty of decision -making in purchasing.

6. Taobao and purchase channels

On Taobao, the number of sexy underwear, sexy underwear, and adult sex lingerie belongs to sensitive information, and the seller will use some other pronouns.Therefore, it is very important to choose reliable purchase channels carefully.

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7. The matching of the figure and the figure

The number of sexy underwear is related to the figure.When choosing a sexy underwear, customers must not only look at styles and materials, but also need to consider their physical problems.You can avoid buying sexy underwear that is not suitable for your body through the choice of the number.

8. The role of the number is further developed

With the continuous growth of the sexy underwear market and the development of technologies such as DNA, the number of the sex underwear industry has also been further applied.In the future, the number may not only provide convenience for the selection of sexy underwear, but also combine further with the needs of experience.


Brand quality, material, comfort, and personal preferences are all issues that should be considered in purchasing sexy underwear.When we buy sexy underwear, understand that the number is more diverse, comprehensive, and systematic consideration. It can better help us choose our perfect accessories.