Sexy lingerie purchase price

Sexy lingerie purchase price


Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of modern women’s lives.Various styles and styles of sexy underwear provide more choices for women.The purchase price is one of the key factors to understand this market.This article will introduce several commonly -sexy lingerie -style purchase prices to help buyers better understand the market.

Women’s style sexy underwear style

There are many different styles of women’s sexy underwear, including bras, G string, thongs, body clothes, sling -in -jackets, etc.Under normal circumstances, the prices of these products are different due to the brand, quality and style.For most dealers, the entry price is generally between $ 10 and $ 30. If it is a high -end brand, the purchase price may even reach $ 50.

Men’s sexy lingerie style

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Men’s sexy lingerie style is more concise than women’s sexy underwear, but the types are still very rich, including bikini pants, T 男, vest, sexy underwear and other styles.Like women’s sexy underwear, the differences in the price of men’s sex underwear are mainly brand, quality and style.Under normal circumstances, the entry threshold is low, and the entry price is between $ 5 and $ 20.

Sexy scarf style

Scarf -style sexy underwear is a simple and economical style.This erotic underwear worn with a simple shoulder clip and a few bundles to put a large scarf into a sexy clothes.The purchase price is roughly between $ 5 and $ 15.

Falling underwear material

Materials will also directly affect the purchase price.Some high -end brands use more expensive materials such as satin, lace and silk.The basic material category includes cotton, polyester fiber and nylon. The price of sexy underwear for these materials is usually between $ 5 and $ 15.

Brand factors

Brand is one of the most significant factor affecting the price of sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the price of sexy underwear for well -known brands is higher than other brands.If you want to represent some well -known brands, the purchase price may be between $ 20 and $ 30.


The sexy underwear industry is also affected by seasonal affected by other clothing industries.Some specific styles or demand for some periods affect their purchase price.Generally, wholesalers will reduce the purchase price during the off -season to empty the inventory.


Sales channels and quantity

Sales channels will also affect the purchase price.Some sex lingerie brands focus on online sales or sales in sex stores, while other brands are mainly sold through fashion stores or specialty stores.The increase in sales usually bring some price discounts, so if you are preparing to buy a large number, you can consider how to negotiate the price with the supplier.

Choose sexy underwear purchase channels

Choosing sex underwear purchase channels is also an important factor affecting the price.There are many different purchase channels in the market, such as wholesale, cooperation with manufacturers, and cooperation with wholesalers with online store platforms.Different channels will affect purchase costs. For dealers and wholesalers, it is very important to choose the most suitable purchase channels.

Strategic pricing

Finally, the pricing strategy of sexy underwear suppliers is also a key factor in the purchase price.Some suppliers may attract more customers and sales by reducing prices, while other suppliers may increase prices to compensate for the cost of investment in higher quality materials.Therefore, if you want to choose the right price and quality, you can consider the pricing strategy of different suppliers.

in conclusion

In general, the purchase price of sexy underwear is affected by many factors.However, dealers can purchase a large amount of inventory, choose the sales channels that are most suitable for them, and find some cheaper manufacturers to save costs during the purchase process.Whether you are a beginner or not, through this article, you can understand the different types and prices of sexy underwear so that you can find your position in this market.