Sexy underwear bellyband street shot

Sexy underwear bellyband street shot

Sexy underwear bellyband street shot

Sexy underwear has always been a fashion topic that female consumers are concerned about. It can not only show the wonderful figure of women, but also show women’s softness and sexy.The design of sexy underwear is also interesting and diverse, and the design of the bellyband is also loved by many women.Let’s follow the editor to see how the bellyband is prominent in the design of the sexy underwear.

1. Sexy Beauty

Compared with other styles, the back of the bellyband underwear is more simple. Almost all bellyband underwear is designed with a thin shoulder strap, which can show the wonderful collarbone and sexy scapula of women, showing the beautiful back of the woman to the fullest.

Second, suspenders sexy underwear

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Drinks are one of the most common bellyband styles. It not only shows women’s sexy figure, but also shows different sexy charm.Careful and clever hanging band erotic underwear can make women wear it more confident in front of the opposite sex.

Third, perspective bellyband underwear

Perfecting sexy underwear has always been considered the most explicit underwear style, and the perspective underwear designed by the bellyband has made women show their sexiest side.

Fourth, lace belly underwear

Lace erotic underwear has always been one of the most romantic underwear in women’s minds. When the bellyband design is added, it must be a different sexy experience.Lace belly wrap underwear not only shows the romantic feelings of women, but also reflects the sexy charm of women.

Five, chest ring buckle belly pistols underwear

The underwear design on the chest buckle has always been the first choice for trying sexy women. This design is not only conducive to highlighting the chest lines, but also reflects the sexy charm of women in the bellyband design.

Six, net yarn belly pocket underwear

Netdo underwear is a suitable underwear style for all ages. It not only allows young women to highlight the temperament of girls, but also allows mature women to show their charm of mature women.Sexy design.


Seven, cortex belly pocket underwear

When you want a underwear style with different flavors, leather belly pocket underwear can provide you with excellent choices.Due to its special material, leather underwear looks more tension and has a good texture. At the same time, it adds a sense of fashion and toughness in the design of the bellyband.

8. Shoulder -free belly pocket underwear

Girls are often keen on the shoulder -free corset, and the shoulder -free underwear designed by the bellyband can make the body’s curve more sexy.At the same time, this design can make women more slender and show the beauty of women.

Nine, high -necked bellyband underwear

The high -necked elegant temperament, coupled with the bellyband design, allows the entire underwear to achieve a perfect balance between sexy and elegant.The high -necked bellyband underwear is not only full of sexy and charm, but also highlights the elegance and taste of women.

10. Personal bellyband underwear

Because the bellyband is a design that appeared in recent years, some designers are more inclined to try to innovate.Therefore, some personalized bellyband underwear has begun to be loved by more and more women. They are using the cutting -edge design concepts and techniques to bring unusual charm to beautiful women.

In short, the design of the bellyband in sexy underwear has long been one of the designs that women like. It is an excellent choice. It is both sexy and diverse. It not only shows the beautiful figure of women, but also leaves a sexy and unrestrained impression.If you want to be a sexy goddess, you must try the sexy underwear designed by the bellyband.