sexy underwear during YQK epidemic

sexy underwear during YQK epidemic

The performance of the sex underwear industry during the epidemic period

Since the new crown epidemic erupted in early 2020, all walks of life in the world have been affected to varying degrees.The sexy underwear industry is no exception, but compared with other industries, the performance of the sex underwear industry is relatively stable.

Online sales become mainstream

During the epidemic, people try to avoid places where there are many people, and online shopping has gradually become the mainstream.As a highly private clothing, sexy underwear is more suitable for online sales.Therefore, online sales of sexy underwear have not been much affected, and even some brands of online sales performance have improved.

Design style pays more attention to comfort

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Because people stay at home during the epidemic, and the pressure and anxiety during the epidemic period are relatively high, people pay more attention to the comfort of underwear.Interest underwear brands have also launched some styles that pay more attention to comfort, such as loose band design, soft fabrics, and so on.

Sexy style is still hot

Although comfort has become the focus of attention, sexy styles are still the main sales point of sexy underwear.The leisure time at home, wearing a set of sexy lingerie, has also become one of the ways for many couples to increase love sparks.

Diverse styles meet different needs

The fun underwear industry has always been more colorful in style design, and it is no exception during the epidemic.Whether it is daily wearing or sexy games, there are suitable styles.At the same time, in terms of different figures and needs, sexy underwear brands have also launched diverse large and small numbers and styles, which are more tolerant and diverse.

Advanced competition between brands

With the continuous expansion and competition of the sexy underwear market, the differentiation and personalization of various sex underwear brands will become the focus of attention of more consumers.Therefore, the competition between brands has also intensified. In order to attract more consumers, sexy underwear brands need to continue to make new and innovative products and services.

The import volume of sexy underwear has dropped sharply

During the epidemic, international trade was greatly affected.The number of imported erotic underwear has dropped sharply, and domestic brands have received more market share.This also accelerates the development of domestic sex lingerie brands.


Social media promotion has become the main channel

During the epidemic, consumers’ willingness to go to physical stores has declined sharply, so sexy underwear brands need to rely on social media and other channels to promote products.The promotion and publicity of various sex underwear brands in social media has become more important.

Future development trend of sex underwear industry

Despite the impact of the epidemic, the sex underwear industry still maintains a good development trend.In the future, the sexy underwear market will become more and more personalized, diversified, and launch more styles that focus on comfort.At the same time, online sales and social media promotion will also become the key development direction of sexy underwear brands.


Although the performance of the sexy underwear industry during the epidemic period is not as good as in previous years, the overall remains stable.Interest underwear brands should follow up market demand, innovate products and services, and continuously enhance the brand’s competitiveness.In the future, the sex underwear industry will develop in a more diversified and personalized direction.