Sexy underwear field service

Sexy underwear field service

What is a sexy underwear field service?

Sexy underwear fields are a sexy underwear combined with general clothing, field clothing and sexy underwear elements. Its design aims to show women’s military style and infinite charm.

How to wear sexy underwear field clothes?

Interest underwear fields are usually composed of loose coats and supporting stockings.The design of the coat is inspired by military uniforms, usually short, high -necked or V -neck tailoring, with elements of EPAULET and Pockets (pocket). Stockings are usually made of mesh or tulle.Most.

The style characteristics of sexy underwear field uniforms

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The style characteristics of sexy underwear fields are mainly manifested in the following two aspects:

Military elements: adopt military uniform elements such as EPAULET, Pockets, etc., to enhance the military sense through metal buckles, rivets, leather, blood pits and other elements, creating a tough, pretty, and resolute military temperament.

Sexy elements: The designer rationally uses transparent lace, net eye material, hollowing design and other elements to increase the charm and sexy of women, making women more confident and tempting themselves.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear field uniforms

Interest underwear field clothing is suitable for the following occasions:

COSPLAY (role -playing): Choose the right field suit, combine different accessories, can become a variety of roles, such as police and special forces.

Party: As a sexy and storytelling costume, the field service is very dramatic in the party, showing women’s independence, autonomy, decisive and brave side, and attracting everyone’s attention.

Interesting underwear field suit suitable for body type type

The requirements of sexy underwear fields are not high in women’s body shape, because the jacket is a loose design, just choose the right stockings.However, for women who are too slim or too plump, it may not be suitable.


Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear field uniforms

When buying a sexy underwear field service, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Material: Choose a material with good breathability, soft feel, and easy to clean.

Size: The size of different brands may be different. It is recommended to buy according to your actual size.

Price: The price of sexy underwear fields is high, but there are some cheaper choices. The price and quality have a certain relationship. You need to be cautious when choosing.

How to maintain sexy underwear field clothes?

Sexy underwear field clothing is a relatively special underwear that requires special maintenance:

Before cleaning, remove the decoration part to avoid damage to the decoration part.

Hand washing: There are many details of sexy underwear fields, and the cleaning of home washing machines may not be comprehensive. It is recommended to use neutral detergent hand washing.

Drying: Do not use a dryer or exposure. It is recommended to dry it to avoid damaging the material.

The difference between sexy underwear field clothes and traditional military uniforms

The main difference between sexy underwear fields and traditional military uniforms is that the design elements are different and the differences of wear occasions:

Design elements: Interesting underwear fields usually incorporate some transparent lace, hollowing out elements to increase sexy degree; traditional military uniforms focus on practicality and protection.

Wearing occasions: Sexy underwear field clothing is usually used in nightclub performances, parties and other occasions or cosplay, while traditional military uniforms are worn as work clothing.

Views of sexy underwear field uniforms

Interest underwear fields are a kind of underwear that is perfectly combined with general clothing, field clothing and sexy underwear. It is neither fashionable, nor sexy, but also shows the fat and independent side of women.Sexy Lingerie.