Sexy underwear movie

Sexy underwear movie


Interest underwear is a unique underwear. The difference from ordinary underwear is that they are more sexy and more attractive styles.The popularity of sexy underwear has caused the favor of Hollywood films, and many movies have the characters and scenes of sexy underwear.

"Emma" (2019)

In this movie, Emma, played by Emi Roberts, wore a white sexy underwear and showed her sexy side to her lover.This scene emphasizes the role of sexy underwear in stimulating sexual desire.

"Toy Story 3" (2010)

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The heroine of this animated movie, Justin, wears a sexy red sexy underwear. At this time, the audience can feel the importance of the color of sexy underwear to the shape of gender characters.,gentle.

"Bad Education" (2004)

The heroine Barbara in the British film "Bad Education" has a play in a black sex lingerie, which is reminiscent of the original designed for the drama.

"Maria" (1993)

Maria Kelly wore a set of charming red silk sexy underwear in this film, both sexy and elegant.This style affects many sexy underwear designers later.

"Asla and Menidi" (2001)

In this movie, the protagonist entered a sexual love club wearing a sexy underwear.This scene reflects that sexy underwear, as a healthy and open sex culture, is not necessarily hidden or inappropriate.

"Chicago" (2002)

As a large -made musical movie, "Chicago" uses a lot of sexy underwear as the costume during the performance, and also shows the dramatic and entertaining nature of this clothing.


"Crazy Max 4: Rage Road" (2015)

In this film, American actress Rosie Haminsin Whitley showed a fighting female confidence and power through sexy black leather sexy underwear.

"Evangelion New Theater Edition: End" (2009)

This Japanese animated film is a wonderful fashion show. Many female characters wear gorgeous and sexy sexy underwear, so as to show a imaginative clothing culture.

"Porn Men and Women" (1986)

This film shows the different views of sexy underwear in American culture. On the one hand, sexy underwear symbolizes the tolerance and open culture of the United States, and on the other hand, it has also encountered the resentment and resistance of traditional society.

"Pure Love Party" (1998)

This is a movie pointed to mainstream culture, and the sexy underwear is successfully manifested as a cultural phenomenon that is unattended.The heroine in the film is lying on the bed of alcoholics, wearing a red -colored sexy underwear, and at the same time, she seems to show her self -esteem and gender power.

in conclusion

The use of sexy underwear in the movie is both an art form and a cultural phenomenon.Interest underwear can be used to express the character’s personality, express the gender consciousness of the individual, increase the plot appeal of the film, and so on.Different films have different ways to deal with, and in the end, sexy underwear has become a symbolic cultural language, showing a new and open aesthetic experience.