Sexy underwear novel yellow

Sexy underwear novel yellow

Sexy underwear novel yellow

As an alternative, sexy clothing, sexy underwear has naturally become an indispensable element in novels, movies, and TV series.There are some erotic underwear novels, which are deeply porn and make people feel a little yellow.Below, let’s take a look at the reasons for these sexy underwear novels.

1. The inappropriate color of the three views leads to the strong color of the color of the underwear

In some sexy lingerie novels, the three views of the male and female protagonists have no moral bottom line, and the pursuit of sex and lust exceeds the normal range.The sexy underwear in these novels is given excessive sexual hints and symbolic meaning, and the ink depicts the dark side of human nature.

2. Purpose of impureness causes erotic underwear Meng

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There are some sexy lingerie novels. The author’s writing purpose is to get the readers’ attention and topicality, not real literary creation.Therefore, the sexy underwear in these novels is often deliberately rendered, exaggerating its kitsch, but the blogger laughed without real meaning.

3. Women’s image is distorted and sexy underwear loses beauty

In many erotic lingerie novels, the image of women has been distorted and has become a tool to satisfy male sexual fantasies, as is sexy underwear.This kind of sexy underwear is no longer a symbol of beauty, but is defiled, distorted, and loses beauty, just to meet the interests of men.

4. The presence of sex is too straightforward to detonate sexy underwear pornography

In some sexy underwear novels, the sexual presentation of sex is too straightforward, and the character’s sexual behavior is described vividly by the details. This sexy underwear often detonates the erotic composition of the article.This erotic underwear is full of vulgar, downturn, and even disgusting.

5. The rendering of sexy underwear is too full of sensory stimuli

There are some erotic lingerie novels. In order to portray the characters’ feelings and emotions, the author constantly emphasizes the sensory stimulation of sexy underwear. This kind of sexy underwear is often uncomfortable to read.After reading the readers, there are only a lot of emotional stimuli, but ignore the pursuit of culture and spiritual life.

6. Shourly creating sexy lingerie scenes vulgar

In some sexy underwear novels, in order to create stimulating plots, the author often describes sexy underwear scenes vulgar. Not only does it lose the artistic nature of sexy underwear, but it also seriously defiles the dignity and bottom line of literature.

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7. The author of sexy underwear novels lacks respect for women

Some author of sexy underwear novels, although describing the image of women, lacks respect for women, puts women in a position that is not respected and lacks power, and sexy underwear has also become an insult and defilement for women, which has causedThe public’s condemnation of these sexy underwear.

8. The understanding of sexy underwear is errors and causes light and tasteless

The authors of some sexy lingerie novels are even wrong about the understanding of sexy underwear.They regard sexy underwear as a kind of showing, bad fun, not a beautiful and sexy clothing that shows women.This low -level understanding makes sexy underwear become light and tasteless in the novel.

9. Insufficient cultural heritage leads to a lot of erotic lingerie vulnerabilities

Some author of sexy underwear novels lacks cultural heritage and awareness of traditional culture. Therefore, it is impossible to associate sexy underwear with the culture and history it represents, which leads to a lot of loopholes in the novels.

10. Eat quality leads to unstable sexual underwear heat

In general, the quality of sexy underwear novels is uneven, and the quality of some works is very high, which can truly improve readers’ aesthetic level and literary literacy.However, some sexy underwear novels only care about market demand, ignoring the value of art and the pursuit of aesthetics, leading to the influence of the popularity of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

The root cause of sexy underwear novels is the author’s cultural literacy and literary ability, and the understanding and cognition of sexy underwear.Only by improving the author’s literary cultivation and a high understanding of sexy underwear can we create a true sexy underwear novel.