Sexy underwear Opening File Style Picture Daquan

Sexy underwear Opening File Style Picture Daquan

Sexy underwear Opening File Style Picture Daquan

The style of sexy lingerie is a fashion that many women love.The opening style can not only increase interest and sexy, but also increase the convenience of use.With the continuous changes and expansion of market demand, various styles of opening and sexy underwear are also emerging.This article will introduce you to the full -scale picture of sexy lingerie, so that you can better understand the sexy lingerie styles in the market more comprehensive.

1. Full opening sexy underwear

Full -opening sexy underwear is the most open sexy lingerie style.The entire lower part of this style is completely open, with a variety of small decorations, which is very sexy.Its surfaces are often decorated with pearls, jewelry and various embroidery. Many women like to wear it to enjoy a good time in a sexy and strange atmosphere.

2. Half -open sexy underwear

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Half -open sexy underwear is also a very popular open -stall sex underwear.Compared to the full opening type, its lower part is only opened with a small crack, which can show some skin, but the cloth strip is connected from the center.Some semi -open sexy underwear is also decorated with small silk belts or lace lace, which can increase more details and visual aesthetics.

3. Fork open sexy underwear

The design of the fork -opening sexy underwear is very bold and innovative.The lower part of this style is directly open to show the private parts.However, compared to full -opening and semi -open -open styles, this sexy underwear is the most irritating.For women who like to stimulate, wearing it should be a Non Plus Ultra experience.

4. Type transparent underwear

The tulle transparent underwear is different from the previous sexy lingerie, and it does not have an open crotch design.It uses special materials, thin and transparent, and still has a very strong sexuality on the basis of not exposing privacy.Many sexy models wear this sexy underwear on fashion shows.

5. Beads chain sexy underwear

Beads chain -style sexy underwear is a very unique and beautiful open crotch erotic lingerie style.We can see many kinds of beaded chain -style sexy underwear in the store, such as bracelets, ankles, belts and bracelets.Different from other sexy underwear with open crotch design, beaded chain -type sexy underwear can not only meet the needs of wearing performance, but also pay attention to visual effects.

6. Switching sexy underwear

Switching sexy underwear is very popular. It has made many innovations through different lace stitching and solid design.This sexy underwear can not only meet the dress needs, but also meet the orgasm, which can make users feel more pleasant when wearing.


7. Net eye clothes

The mesh clothes are made of grid fabric and lace materials. The details and accessories on the decoration on different mesh clothes will be different.It is a sexy underwear that many models and actors like very much.

8. Mini skirt sexy underwear

Mini skirt sexy underwear, like its name, looks like a short mini skirt.It is suitable for wearing in cold weather, which can cover the lower body.Similarly, it also has a good sexy degree, which is a very popular style in the fun underwear open crotch series.

9. Sling -style sexy underwear

The suspender sexy underwear is very sexy and noble, which can comfort the characteristics of women’s body and help them look younger and beautiful.Its design pays more attention to details and comfort, and can meet the needs of different types of women.

10. Corset -style sexy underwear

The corset sexy underwear is only covered with the chest. It is decorated through the accessories such as materials and lace, making the wearer more sexy and exciting.Its completely open lower part can also boldly show private parts to bring you a more innovative and free sex experience.

in conclusion:

Sending lingerie -opening style pictures, the 10 -sex lingerie opening styles introduced above have their own unique design and advantages, which makes these styles the choice of women of different ages and psychological states.If you are interested in sexy underwear, you also want to try the feeling, welcome to browse our website to buy.