Sexy underwear servant play

Sexy underwear servant play

Introduction: Types of sexy underwear play

There are many different types of acting in the erotic underwear market.Among them, a more popular type of play is a servant play.The servant play can increase sexual interests between couples, or bring unusual sexual experience to singles.

Basic elements played by servants

If you want to be a servant, you need to prepare some basic elements.First of all, it is a suitable sexy underwear, because sexy underwear is the core element played.Followed by props, such as handcuffs, collar, leather whip, etc.Finally, the posture, the posture determines the effect of playing.

Selection of sex underwear

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When choosing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to style, style, color and other factors.For servants, black leather jackets, leather skirts, black boots and other styles are very suitable.


The choice of props should be matched according to the style of sexy underwear.For servants, handcuffs, collars, leather whip, etc. are more classic choices.Using props can enhance the effect of playing, so that both sides can enter the role.

Adjustment of posture

The servants need to adjust the appropriate posture, and they can try to stand, kneel, crawling posture, etc.Different postures can bring different feelings and experiences.In addition, you need to pay attention to breathing and physical posture in the process of playing to avoid injuries.

Communication and trust

Sexual playing needs to create a sense of security and comfort through communication and trust.When playing with servants, you can discuss some details and rules in advance to ensure the safety and health of both parties.

Precautions played by servants

When playing with servants, you need to pay attention to some details.The first is safety. You can check the props and equipment before playing to avoid harm.The second is comfort, and the feelings and needs of the two sides need to be satisfied during sexual playing.

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Psychological effects played by servants

The servant play can bring some psychological effects, such as control and control, freshness when restoring ordinary life, and so on.If it is properly carried out and understood, the role of sexy underwear can further meet the needs of both parties.

Summary: The benefits of the servants of sexy underwear players

Played by the servants of sexy underwear, you can add a sex life between husband and wife or couples, and the sexual experience of a single person.By understanding the basic elements and precautions of the play, the quality and safety of the effect can be ensured.

The role of sexy underwear should be a positive, healthy and happy experience.Only by ensuring that the two sides are satisfied in the play can the real sexual experience be achieved.