Sexy underwear, where do you generally hide

Sexy underwear, where do you generally hide

Sexy underwear, where do you generally hide

Interest underwear is a very personal item, and everyone has different preferences and needs.So, where do you generally hide your own sexy underwear?Here are some common sex lingerie stores.

1. Wardrobe

Most people hide their sexy underwear in their own wardrobe.This is a convenient and private place of storage.You can divide a specific area in the wardrobe to place sexy underwear, which is more neat and orderly.

2. drawer

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Another common erotic underwear stored place is a drawer.If you don’t want sexy underwear to be placed in a wardrobe outside, you can choose to put them in the drawer.This is also a relatively private storage space.

3. Bathroom

Some people like to put sexy underwear in the bathroom.Because the bathroom is usually a relatively privacy place, you can keep your underwear in a certain cabinet or hang it on a hanger.However, if you choose to put sexy underwear in the bathroom, make sure that they will not be tide.

4. Dedu

Some people like to hide sexy lingerie in the bedside table.This position is very private and convenient.If you need to use sexy underwear at night, you can easily take it out of the bedside table.

5. Box bottom

If you are very confidential about sexy underwear, you can choose to hide them in the bottom or box.This place of storage is completely private, and it can effectively protect the quality of sexy underwear.

6. Leisure bag

If you have a lot of idle bags, you can also hide the sexy lingerie.This is also a relatively hidden place of storage, and few people think of looking for sexy underwear in your bag.

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7. Draft box

You can also store sexy underwear in the draft box in the computer.This storage location is very hidden and very convenient.However, you need to remember to delete the photos or videos of sexy underwear when cleaning your computer.

8. Mobile cloud

With the development of technology, some people choose to store their sexy underwear photos or videos in mobile phones.This is a very hidden place of storage, but you need to ensure that your cloud account is safe and will not be illegally invaded by others.

9. Special box

Some people choose to buy special sexy underwear boxes to store their own items.This kind of box is very private, and the design is also very attached to the characteristics of sexy underwear, which can more effectively protect the quality of underwear.

10. Different locations

Some people choose to put sexy underwear in different locations, such as the wardrobe in many rooms in the house. In this way, even if someone accidentally discovered one of the storage locations, you will not find all your sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Everyone’s interesting underwear stores is different. What kind of storage location to choose depends on your personal needs and preferences.No matter what kind of storage method is selected, you must pay attention to protecting the quality of the underwear and ensure that you are in a safe private place to avoid being discovered by others.