Suitable for B Cup sexy underwear

Suitable for B Cup sexy underwear

Suitable for B Cup sexy underwear

1. Understand B cup chest type

Before buying the right sexy underwear for yourself, you must first understand your chest type. The B cup’s breasts are relatively small, but the shape can be divided into flat flat type, ball -type, up -ups, etc.Suitable erotic underwear.

2. Triangle Cup sexy underwear

Triangular cup sexy underwear is suitable for the chest shape that belongs to flat and up -of -up people. The cup type is small and triangular. It is suitable for low -cut or back -back dressing.

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3. A small amount of SPONGE cup sexy underwear

A small amount of SPONGE cups are suitable for people with a ball shape in the chest shape. The strong plastic sponge material can make the chest more three -dimensional plump.

4. Post -buckle sexy underwear

The rear -built sexy underwear is not only more mature and sexy, but also can freely adjust the chest size according to its own size, which is very suitable for B cup -sized breasts.


Steel -free sexy lingerie is comfortable and natural, and it will not bring discomfort to B cup’s breasts. You can choose some styles of steel -free sexy underwear, which can breathe freely and relax naturally.

6. Short sexy underwear

Short sexy underwear is a single item for women with B cups. It can be paired with navel or high waist skirt to show sexy small waist.

7. lace sexy underwear


Lace erotic underwear is synonymous with sexy. It is also very suitable for the Bup’s chest. The lace fabric is beautiful and can show the beautiful body curve of women.

8. texture and sexy underwear

The texture of the texture is very good, which can make the Bup’s chest highlight the three -dimensional sense, and it is also suitable for wearing at night with lovers at night.

9. Shoulder strap can be interesting underwear

The shoulder strap can be freely adjusted according to your height and chest size, which is convenient and comfortable.

10. Seamless erotic underwear

Seamless erotic underwear can effectively avoid the embarrassment when matching clothes, and at the same time, it can also highlight the figure line.

in conclusion

Although the B -cup’s breasts are relatively small, as long as you choose the appropriate sexy underwear, you can also show the beautiful and sexy side of women.