Taiwan vacuum transparent sexy underwear show

Taiwan vacuum transparent sexy underwear show

Taiwan vacuum transparent sexy underwear show

Every year, there are various types of fashion exhibitions and shows.Among them, the sexy lingerie show has always attracted much attention.This kind of sexy and gender underwear not only attracted the attention of men, but also attracted many women.Today we are going to talk about a vacuum and transparent sexy underwear show recently held in Taiwan.

Underwear material

This show shows a variety of sexy lingerie styles.Among them, the most special is the material.These transparent underwear have almost no cover, making people feel like nothing.The materials include unique tulle, plastic and foam.This design has attracted the attention of many people.

Reveal coefficient

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Another uniqueness of these sexy underwear is the degree of exposure.The models on the show show all kinds of underwear, but most of them have exposed many body parts.These underwear gives people a very sexy feeling that makes people linger.Of course, this is why many people dislike this underwear.


Although these sexy underwear has different materials and exposure coefficients, their styles are very unique.The designers fused pantyhose and bra, and added a lot of beautiful decorations.Some even have a bow and beads.These small decorations make the sexy underwear look very charming.


The color of these sexy underwear is also very eye -catching.In addition to the basic black and white and red three colors, the designer also added some other color schemes.For example, a pink underwear with a transparent material.This design makes people feel very similar to angels and very wonderful.

Stage layout

The stage layout of the vacuum transparent sexy lingerie show this time is also important.The designers made the stage a very charming garden.The background has lighting and sound effects, which is very atmospheric.In this context, the effect of underwear has been presented well.


It is also very important to choose a model to show sexy underwear.In this show, the models are very good.They are generally above 175cm, and their waist and chest are large.He has a beautiful figure and has won the applause of many audiences.



The vacuum transparent sexy underwear show this time has received a warm response from the audience.Some people think that these underwear are very sexy and attractive, and some people feel that these underwear is too explicit.

Display gender characteristics

Anyway, showing gender characteristics in underwear display has become a trend.This display also allows designers to have more creativity and space to design and display.

Point of view

Although there are some controversy in vacuum transparent sexy underwear, from the perspective of design and display, this underwear has become a very attractive trend.Exquisite underwear materials and unique style design make people heartbeat.The only thing to pay attention to is not to be excessively displayed, so as not to cause resentment.