Taobao search for sexy underwear shops

Taobao search for sexy underwear shops

Searching for sexy underwear shops on Taobao can not only find massive products for us to choose from, but also more conscience in price and quality.However, because the number of shops on Taobao is huge, how to search for the shop that suits them is a problem that many people encounter.The following introduces several methods.

1. Keyword search

Keyword search is the most basic search method. When we do not know the names of the store we want to search, we can use keywords to search, such as searching for "sexy underwear", "sexy underwear", "adult products" and so on.However, it should be noted that keyword search may display some shops that are not related to themes, which need to be screened.

2. Screening function

Taobao provides a variety of screening functions. Through these restrictions, the search results can be reduced to the target range you want.For example: price, sales, level, classification, etc., free combination screening can be performed according to your own needs.

3. Brand search

Brand search is a more accurate search method. We can directly enter the brand name of shopping, and Taobao will show all the stores of this brand.But this method is easy to ignore some niche brands.

4. Event page search

There are often various activities and topic pages on Taobao. Enter these pages to quickly find the shops and products you need.For example, Taobao Double Eleven Activities, 618 Event, etc.

5. Buy record

Taobao will recommend similar stores based on our purchase history. We can find some shops that are suitable for ourselves by viewing the purchase records.

6. Window recommendation

The store can apply for a window for Taobao. The recommended shops will be placed on the homepage or other popular locations. This method can help us quickly find some well -known shops.

7. Store collection

If we are impressed by a store, we can go directly to the collection clip to access in the future, and when a new product is launched in the store, we will notify us in a message.

8. Ranking

There are various lists on Taobao to view. You can find some potential high -quality shops by viewing various lists.

9. Live and cargo

There are many anchors on Taobao to bring goods on the live broadcast. We can find some shops and products you like by watching live broadcasts.

10. Network evaluation

Online evaluation is a must -have method for us to find high -quality stores. We can judge the quality of the store based on the evaluation level and the number of evaluations of the store.

Viewpoint: The above method of searching for ten search of sexy underwear shops is worth reminding that in the search process, you need to pay attention to screening and evaluation. Do not easily believe in the pictures and text descriptions published by the store. It is best to check the store before shopping.Detailed evaluation and scores to avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.

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