Temptation of sex underwear Chinese online

Temptation of sex underwear Chinese online

The first part: the basic concept of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to underwear that is used to increase sexual attractiveness and irritation.Generally speaking, there are diverse styles of sexy underwear, clear colors, and high requirements for figures.The material of sexy underwear is also relatively special. It often uses soft fabrics such as silk, lace, and yarn, which greatly improves the comfort and visual effects of underwear.

Part II: Create of Beauty Instead

The design concept of beauty lingerie requires ergonomics. It should use soft, comfortable, and elastic fabrics, and integrate various fashion elements, such as pearls, butterflies, lace, lace lace, etc. These elements can visually increase women.The charm shows their sexy and beautiful.In terms of color, it must not only have traditional black and white, but also red, blue, orange, purple and other colors to meet the individual needs of different women.

Part 3: Sexual Emotion

Sexuality and erotic lingerie styles are generally more exposed. Materials are mostly used in fabrics such as lace, fish nets, transparent mesh, etc. The design will add some small details, such as bow, beads, lace lace, etc., pay attention to the smoothness of the lines, waist waist, waist, waistThe contraction of the line and the tightening effect of the hip highlight the beautiful body line of women, so that women have higher self -confidence in their bodies.

Part 4: Overview of adult erotic underwear

Adult sexy lingerie is a kind of sexy underwear. They are often based on sex. They adopt more special design and manufacturing technology, highlight the bright color and decorative details.It is mainly for those couples and couples, sexy and creative people who have some sexual experience.

Part 5: Characteristics of European and American Inflowing Underwear

In the European and American sexy underwear, with its unique design and production technology, it has become the leader of the global sexy underwear market.They use bold creative and fashionable elements in color, materials, and models, giving people a sense of unrestrained, freedom and beauty.In terms of decoration, sequins, luminous materials, and metal texture are often used, and hand -made processing is used. Other functions focus on the comfort and flexibility of the human body, which is very comfortable and beautiful.

Part 6: Selecting Skills of Fun Underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, first consider personal sense and scene environment to determine the appropriate style and color.If you are trying to find sexy underwear for the first time, you can choose some classic styles, such as black or white lace, transparent mesh, etc., compared to cartoon shapes and alien styles, it will not be too radical, and it is more likely to cause a sense of resonance of the spouse.

Part 7: How to correctly wear sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is designed as a sexy and fashionable shape, wearing has its unique skills and requirements.First of all, try to choose the right size. You may try to wear one or two sizes to determine the most comfortable size, and then gradually increase and reduce the size.Secondly, carefully and rigorous in the installation of the band, the hooks and zippers must be accurate, and they cannot be pulled or distorted.

Part 8: The decorative effect of sexy underwear

In addition to making women more sexy and beautiful, sexy underwear can also play a certain decorative role.Some beautiful erotic underwear and their jewelry need to be used. Bows, beads, lace lace, etc. are relatively mainstream styles.Pay attention to emphasizing its embellishment and change, which will better reflect the sexy charm of women.

Part 9: Maintenance of Fun Underwear

Interest underwear is more exquisite, pay attention to maintenance.First, wash your underwear to the front to avoid using the washing machine.Select the appropriate water temperature and cleaner according to the underwear material.Then rinse with clean water, do not rub or twist, squeeze the water gently, and then choose the method of drying or drying the white -collar dry or natural drying according to the requirements of the fabric.

Part 10: Summary and point of view

Interest underwear fits the freedom of modern women and the pursuit of beautiful and sexy struggle. It is a beautiful scenery of modern women in the distinguishing between sex.Beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sexy underwear and other different types of sexy underwear, which generally present a diversified, personalized and characteristic development trend. Its good market performance and popularity are clear to people.The huge potential and development prospects of sex underwear in the future market.

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