The boss sends the fun lingerie copywriting funny

The boss sends the fun lingerie copywriting funny

Paragraph 1: Boy must be correct

First of all, as a sexy underwear expert, I have to tell you that the bust is very important.Therefore, when your boss sends you sex underwear, he must ensure that the size is appropriate, otherwise it is like giving you a small pants.

Paragraph 2: Choose the correct style

In addition to the size, the style is also very important.When you open the gift box, you definitely don’t want to see a lace vest similar to your grandmother. The correct style should be like a lace deep V coach, sexy and pleasant.

Paragraph 3: Materials need to be soft

Next, let’s talk about the materials.The material of the sexy underwear must be soft and smooth, and must not have burrs and irritating, because you will wear them for a long time.If you think about it now, will you want those hard underwear?

Paragraph 4: Choose the right color

But these are not the most important, the most important thing is color.Your boss must make sure to choose the right color, not his favorite color.Interest underwear should be a color that is suitable for your personal taste and temperament.Otherwise, you will find a lemon yellow underwear one day, and it feels like a millet grain.

Paragraph 5: Recommend the right occasion

Of course, your boss also needs to take into account the occasion of wearing sexy underwear.Are you playing at home?Or are you assigned a task?I think you don’t want to wear super low -waist thongs on work places?

Paragraph 6: Know the style name

When talking about sexy underwear, we have another problem to solve it.Do you know the name of the underwear style?Yes, if you don’t know, you may take some time to learn.Otherwise, you can easily confuse or even collapse.

Paragraph 7: Refusal the goods than three

If your boss decides to send you sex underwear, he must also buy them.Ask the experts of affectionate underwear, don’t just look at the price, it is necessary for goods to be more than three.Otherwise, you will get poor quality underwear, and they may tear or even break at the most inappropriate time.

Paragraph 8: Courage to follow up

If your boss does not buy the right sexy underwear, the best solution is to follow up.Instead of hiding, or put them in the storage room.On the contrary, you should let your boss know that you need more accurate size and more comfortable materials.It is very important to bravely express your needs.

Paragraph 9: The frequency of giving gifts is recommended

In the end, do your boss often send you sexy underwear?If so, please make sure that the gift will not affect your work efficiency.Otherwise, you may find that your computer desk is piled up with underwear.

Paragraph 10: Views

In general, the boss is very embarrassing to send a sexy underwear.But if the boss can choose the right underwear wisely, and take into account your size, style, material and color, and the occasion you wear, then this will be a very creative gift.Of course, the relationship with the boss is also very important.It is best not to treat sexy underwear as a meaningful gift, but to see them as an interesting joke, and better show the friendship between the naughty boss and employees.

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