The price of shooting underwear

Why shoot sexy underwear?

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a fashion representative, not only for being used in husband and wife life, but also as a way to show its charm.Therefore, taking sexy underwear photos has become a very popular way.

The price of shooting sex lingerie

If you intend to take photos of sexy underwear, then you need to know how much the shooting is.Under normal circumstances, the price of a group of sexy underwear is ranging between 500-5000 yuan. The specific price needs to be determined by factors such as different photographers, regions, brands and other factors.

The impact of brand on price

The price of sexy underwear of different brands is also different, because different brands have different materials, quality and design, which leads to price differences.For example, the price of brands from Europe and the United States is higher, while the domestic brand price is relatively low.

Impact of material on price

Different materials also affect the price of sexy underwear.For example, sexy underwear with high -grade materials will be more expensive than low -grade material sexy underwear.The sexy lingerie on the market is silk, lace, cotton, wool, etc., and you need to choose the appropriate material according to personal preferences and skin quality.

The effect of design on price

The design of sexy underwear also has a certain impact on prices.Different design concepts and unique styles will make the price of sexy underwear fluctuating up and down. Therefore, choosing a simple and stylish sexy underwear is not a thing that requires a lot of cost.

The price difference between purchases and rental

There are also large differences in the price of buying and leasing sexy underwear.Sexy underwear for one -time or shooting can usually be leased or purchased.The price of sexy underwear for leasing is relatively cheaper, usually between 150-800 yuan, and the price of sexy underwear purchased will be more expensive, usually between 500-2000 yuan.

Model cost

When shooting sexy underwear, the cost of the model must be considered.The price of the model varies according to different factors, experience, needs, and face.Generally speaking, the cost of the model is between 1000-3000 yuan.

Post -production fee

In fact, later production also requires a certain amount of cost.For example, the editing and repair of photos will spend time and money.If you need a more professional map repair effect, the cost is higher.

Suggestions about price

If your budget is not high, you can choose some economically affordable sexy underwear brands and cheaper models for shooting.In addition, choosing some photos that do not need to be made in post -production can also save some costs.In general, it is necessary to depend on the actual situation of the individual.


The problem of shooting sex underwear needs to be considered according to various factors, brands, materials, design, purchase methods, model costs, and post -production.For taking perfect sexy underwear photos, the cost is based on quality. I hope you can make reasonable planning and arrangements according to your actual situation.

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