The psychology of boys’ post -sex underwear

The psychology of boys’ post -sex underwear

In the traditional concepts, underwear is only a necessity of women.Now, with the changes in the times, the acceptance of sexy underwear in men’s families is getting higher and higher.What is sexy underwear?Sexy underwear refers to sexy, sexual interest, special atmosphere, and flirting, and is usually used by underwear used among couples.So what are the psychological effects when men buy and wear sexy underwear?Below, we analyze the psychological factors of men’s purchase and sexy underwear in combination with actual situation.

1. Girlfriend/Wife’s preference

Many men start buying sexy underwear and the expectations and requirements of their partners.They hope that they can make their girlfriend or wife feel sexy, and the one in front of them is getting better and better. The other party will feel more and more miss themselves and increase interest and intimacy.

2. Demand trying new things

In daily life, men are usually affected by many pressures and work.Buying and wearing sexy underwear can allow them to get more fun in sexual life, so as to relieve stress and fatigue, and at the same time, they can also achieve the positive purpose of sexual life.

3. Promote self -confidence

Men wearing sexy underwear can strengthen their pride when self -confidence and her sexual relationship.The uniqueness, color, and texture of sexy underwear design make them feel very sexy.Of course, for men who are not very good, choosing the right sexy underwear can also make up for their own shortcomings and shortcomings.

4. Porn Entertainment

Sometimes, men may only buy sexy underwear because of sexual fantasy, and wear sexy underwear in private places, enjoy carnival time, and relax.

5. Social impact

The social atmosphere you enjoy when you choose to wear sexy underwear.Under traditional concepts, men wearing sexy underwear are often regarded as abnormal people.Instead, in the social network between each other, more and more men are trying to try to wear sexy underwear on themselves. They can communicate in private places, which means a better understanding.

6. Hormon

Wearing sexy underwear can stimulate the secretion of men’s hormones and make men more confident and strong psychologically.When men wear sexy underwear, they can show more "danger" and "unpredictable" nature, thereby improving their charm, thereby attracting the attention of the opposite sex.For women, men wearing sexy underwear also increase their interest and curiosity about themselves.

7. Skin comfortable

Choosing high -quality sexy underwear is related to color and style, but it is also important for texture, skin stickiness and breathability.Wearing breathable and comfortable sexy underwear can protect the private parts well, giving men a better sense of experience, and improving the quality and fun of sexual life.

8. Change of the perspective of sexy cognitive

Under traditional concepts, people have different sexy cognitive angles of men and women.Men wearing sexy underwear can better show their sexy beauty.This also makes others easier to accept the sexy charm of men. With the changes of the times and the changes in traditional concepts, men can also have their own sexy beauty.

9. Send a small stimulus and surprise

The unique design of sexy underwear often brings some surprises and freshness to women.This surprise and freshness can also bring different stimuli and interest to men. Every man wearing a messy underwear should experience his "interesting motivation".

10. Conclusion

The ultimate reason for men to buy and wear sexy underwear is to add some color and freshness to the sexual life between themselves and their partners.Of course, the upgrade of this color also tests their research and understanding of sexual knowledge and sexual experience. To achieve this strategic goal, men need to pay attention to choosing underwear that suits them and partners when wearing fun underwear, and in sex, and in sexual sex, and in sex, in sexFind a better way in life to make yourself and the people around you get more pleasant and satisfied.

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