Three -month -old boyfriend to send sexy underwear


The younger sisters who have been in love have recently encountered such a problem: Boyfriend who has been dating for three months and sent a sexy underwear as a gift. What should you do?Is it acceptable or rejected?Below, let’s discuss this issue together.

1. Before accepting gifts, understand the brand, style, size and other factors

First of all, it is very important to understand factors such as the sexy lingerie brand, style, size and other factors sent by her boyfriend.Because if the brand and size of sex underwear are not appropriate, it is not comfortable to wear, which will not only affect your health, but also cause an embarrassing and unpleasant feeling.

2. Make sure that both parties like this idea

From the perspective of her boyfriend, sending sexy underwear will make him feel more emotional and creative, and may also feel that it can increase interest and more challenging.However, for girlfriends, wearing sexy underwear may require a certain amount of courage and courage.Therefore, it is very important to ensure that both parties like this idea before receiving gifts.

3. Evaluate your physical confidence and personality

Then, evaluating your physical confidence and personality is very important.If you don’t like wearing sexy underwear in front of others, and even feel a little embarrassed, it is best not to accept the sexy underwear sent by your boyfriend.After all, wearing should be your own choice, not for others.

4. Consider the purpose and safety of gifts

What is the purpose of her boyfriend to send sex underwear?This problem also needs to be considered.If my boyfriend just feels that the sexy underwear is sexy, but in fact I don’t know how to use it, it may cause unnecessary embarrassment and security issues.Therefore, before receiving the gift, you need to clearly understand the purpose and use of the affectionate underwear.

5. Consider the matching of clothing style and occasion

If your girlfriend decides to accept the sexy underwear sent by her boyfriend, the next step is to consider how to match it.First, consider the matching of clothing style and occasions.If you go to hotels, vacations, and travel, you can wear sexy sexy underwear, but if you are dating at home, you can wear a softer and comfortable sexy underwear.

6. If you don’t like it, accept gifts and express thanks

What if your girlfriend does not like the sexy underwear sent by her boyfriend?Accepting gifts and expressing gratitude is the best way.Gifts are a symbol of emotion, which not only reflects her boyfriend’s mind, but also represents the emotional communication between the two.Therefore, even if you don’t like it, you must express your gratitude.

7. Use a specific attitude to respond to this gift

Even if you like this gift, you should respond with a specific attitude when responding.For example, you can reply to some encouragement words, or tease a little bit.This specific response method can better deepen the emotional communication between the two.

8. Tell your boyfriend your expectations and preferences

Finally, if this gift is accepted, his girlfriend can also tell her boyfriend’s expectations and preferences.For example, look forward to more romance and surprise, or prefer sexy underwear of a certain style.This communication can make the relationship between the two more deeper, and at the same time, it can also allow her boyfriend to better understand the needs and preferences of her girlfriend.

In general, accepting the sentimental underwear to send her boyfriend first needs to consider the feelings and willingness of the two, followed by the quality and use of gifts, and finally evaluating their physical confidence and personality.Only after you are fully considered in all aspects can you make sexy underwear better increase interest and increase the feelings and romance to the relationship between the two.

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