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Wang Danyao’s sexy underwear photo pictures become popular on the Internet

Recently, a group of Wang Wanyao wearing a photo of sexy underwear was hot on the Internet.As a sexy underwear expert, I want to introduce these sexy lingerie styles and how to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

Wearing sexy can actually be very comfortable

Many people think that sexy underwear is to sacrifice comfort for sexy effects.But in fact, good erotic underwear allows you to ensure sexy and comfortable.For example, the design of comfortable fabrics and suitable versions can bring a very good experience.

Interest underwear is not only black and red

In Wang Wanyao’s sexy underwear photo, I believe that everyone can also see that in addition to traditional black and red styles, there are many color styles.In fact, the colors of sexy underwear are also diverse, and you can choose according to your preferences.

Sexy does not mean more exposed

Sexy underwear does not have to expose a lot of skin, and sometimes proper obstruction will increase mystery.At the same time, it is too exposed to cause discomfort and embarrassment.

Consider your own shape to choose the right style

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the right style according to your body.For example, women with smaller breasts can choose to have a formula with filled and supporting; women with full hips can choose low waist styles to thin.

Consider practicality

Although the main purpose of sexy underwear is to increase interest, practicality is equally important.For example, whether it is easy to penetrate and take off, whether it is easy to clean is a factors that need to be considered.

Different occasions require different styles

Different occasions require different styles.For example, you can choose a more sexy style at dating, but you must choose a decent style in the workplace.At the same time, you can also choose the right fabric according to different seasons and climate.

Sometimes brand is not a decisive factor

Many people pay more attention to the brand when choosing a sexy underwear and believe that the brand is more secure.But in fact, the brand is not a decisive factor, and some niche brands will also launch good products.It is important to pay attention to the quality and design of the product itself.

Choosing a set is better

When buying sexy underwear, choosing a set will look better.For example, choosing a style with the same styles or the same color can increase the overall beauty.


The above are some suggestions for choosing sexy underwear.The most important thing is to pay attention to your own feelings. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the best choice.

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