Wear the heroine for the heroine

Wear the heroine for the heroine

Interest underwear is a sexy and fun clothing. It can create an atmosphere that is different from usual, increase passion, and bring more excitement and happiness to our sexual life.However, it is important to choose the right style and how to play the most effective effect.When wearing sexy underwear for the heroine, you need to pay attention to some details.This article will introduce you to some knowledge about wearing sexy underwear.

1. Pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear

First, we must remember to choose the right match.Different styles of erotic underwear are suitable for different occasions. For example, sexy lace underwear is suitable for playing in bed, while lace persistees are suitable for cool party and high -end occasions.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, consider the style of the occasion and your own preference.

2. Size is the key

Size is the key to whether the sexy lingerie is fitted. Excessive or too small underwear will make the body proportion deviation. What is more embarrassing is that it will also affect the effect and comfort of wearing.Wearing a suitable sexy underwear can create a perfect figure and comfort.

3. Materials determine comfort

The material of sexy underwear is also very important. Choosing comfortable and warm fabrics allows the female lead to maintain a good state in the cold season.At the same time, pay attention to choosing fabrics with good breathability, so as to better prevent allergies such as sexy underwear.

4. Points to focus on dressing methods need to pay attention to

In addition to styles and sizes, dressing methods are also very important.Pay attention to the prominent point, choose the design of the design based on the occasion of wearing, or highlight the body, so that the body and sexy can be perfectly displayed.

5. Wear the right underwear

The choice of underwear determines the comfort of sexy underwear when wearing.Choose comfortable and breathable underwear to avoid using high -end leather materials.Uncomfortable underwear affects the fun of sex, and sexy underwear is prepared for sex, so it is necessary to ensure that it feels comfortable and natural.

6. Take care of the state of the chest

Sexy underwear can show the figure of the heroine. When wearing a sexy underwear, you also need to notice the beauty, safety and protection of the bust.By correcting the style and size of the underwear, and using corrected underwear, the entire chest can get the best protection.

7. Wear underwear and put on a coat

If the heroine wore a sexy underwear to participate in public places, after wearing underwear, she must put on a coat.The coat can not only help cover underwear, but also make the sexy style more prominent.

8. Communicate your thoughts with your beloved

This is an era that emphasizes communication and mutual understanding. For a sexy clothing, we need to maintain close communication with the other half to make the beloved people clear their expectations and ideas.The female lead and the male lead sharing their own erotic underwear can make the feelings and trust between the two people deeper.

9. Choose a style and color that suits you

Different people and different ages are different. You need to choose the style and color that suits you.Choosing the color that suits you can make the figure more perfect, so that the female lead will exude a unique charm.

10. Correspondence

Interest underwear is generally used for sex occasions. For the heroine, we can better adapt to our wear when wearing underwear, and also follow the culture and norms of the costume occasions.

In general, when wearing sexy underwear for the heroine, you need to pay attention to matching, size, materials, materials, dressing methods, underwear, chest, jacket, communication and choice.When you master these skills, you and your lover can enjoy dramatic sex life together.

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