Wearing a sex underwear for punishment

Wearing a sex underwear for punishment

Wearing sexy underwear is a symbol of modern women’s pursuit of personality and fashion, and it is also a way to show themselves.Not only can increase self -confidence, but also improve the quality of interest and sexual life.But do you know that you can accept punishment in sexy underwear?Below, we will introduce how to wear sex underwear for punishment and make punishment more interesting.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

First of all, choosing suitable sexy underwear is an important step.There are many types of sexy underwear, from sexy, lace type, split type, hollow -out to full transparent type.You need to choose suitable sexy underwear according to your body characteristics, personality characteristics, and specific requirements for punishment.

Different punishment methods

The next step is to choose the right punishment method.Some people choose to punish props, handcuffs, and footballs.Of course, these need to be used under the authorization and consent of both parties.If you need to be more gentle, you can choose to clap your palms, oral scolding, etc.Passing punishment with the eyes is also a good choice.

Create a suitable atmosphere

Before implementing punishment, it is essential to create a suitable atmosphere.You can play soft music in the room, click the aromatherapy candlelight, or hang the curtains with sexy silk ribbon and lace edges on the curtains.These details can strengthen the effect of sexy underwear punishment.

Comfort is the key

When wearing sexy underwear for punishment, be sure to ensure comfort.In this way, you can enjoy the excitement brought about by punishment, and will not destroy the entire atmosphere because of discomfort.Therefore, you must buy a size that suits you, and ensure that the material is soft and comfortable, and there will be no irritation and impermeability.

Use eyes

In the process of improving punishment, it is very important to use eye communication.Emoticons and body language are the best tools in the process of punishment.In the process of punishment, you can try to pass your emotions with your eyes and increase the stimulus of the entire process.

Turn in turnive punishment

Do not consider punishment as unilateral behavior.You and your partner should share this stimulating experience.In the process of punishment, you can try to take turns to accept punishment, which can not only deepen the interaction between each other, but also strengthen feelings and intimacy.

Determine clear rules

Before punishing, the two sides should first determine the clear rules.This can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions.The rules may include the way, degree, time, and frequency of punishment.At the same time, the rules should also be the result of mutual negotiation, reflecting each other’s respect and recognition.


Pencing punishment in sexy underwear is a healthy and interesting way, which can enhance the interaction and intimacy between husband and wife.However, when making fun underwear punishment, you need to pay attention to self -safety and comfort, and conduct in accordance with clear rules.

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