What are the brands of sexy underwear purchase channels?

What are the brands of sexy underwear purchase channels?

Brand situation introduction

When buying sexy underwear, it is very important to understand the situation of each brand.The well -known brands on the market are Mary Dajia, Chantelle, Kavaqle, Jockey, etc.The sexy underwear of these brands is known for its good materials, comfortable wearing, many styles, and high cost -effectiveness.

Manufacturer supply

Sex underwear manufacturers are also a good purchase channel, because they can directly provide products with relatively lower prices.When choosing a manufacturer, make sure that he has a good reputation, excellent manufacturing technology and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.

Wholesale store purchase

Wholesale stores are one of the common purchase channels for sexy underwear. These shops usually provide sexy underwear of various well -known brands, and there are also some unknown brands.However, when choosing a wholesale store, it is necessary to confirm whether its source channels are formal.

Online shopping platform

The online shopping platform is an increasingly popular purchase channel, and there are many sexy underwear sellers on the platform.Compared with wholesale stores, online shopping platforms have more choices, lower prices and convenient transactions.But it should be noted that a guaranteed platform and merchant must be selected.

Brand agent

Brand agents generally have official authorization and can provide brand genuine sexy underwear.When cooperating with brand agents, you can get more support and services, such as preferred payment, education and training.


If you want to open a sexy underwear store, cooperation with dealers is also a good choice.Dealers can provide products with multiple brands, and cooperation with them is usually simpler and convenient.But you need to ensure that the dealer has sufficient inventory to choose from.


Large shopping malls usually have a concentrated sexy underwear sales area, and many of them will sell their products directly in the mall.However, buying sexy underwear in the mall is usually more expensive, so it is necessary to consider price and quality problems.

Sex shop

Sexual goods stores have now become a choice of sexy underwear to buy.Such shops usually sell some more sexy and personalized sexy underwear.It should be noted that cooperation with sex stores needs to consider the reputation of the store.

Brand official website

The official website of the brand is also a choice for buying sexy underwear.You can order brand products on the website, and these products usually have more size and color choices.However, it should be noted that you need to be cautious when buying, and pay attention to security issues such as regular websites and credit card payment.


There are many purchase channels for sexy underwear. How to choose depends on your needs and actual situation.It should be noted that regular channels and brands need to be selected when buying to ensure quality and services.Compare the price and quality as much as possible to make better decisions.

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