What are the customer groups of sexy underwear?

Introduction: The market share of sexy underwear is continuously expanded

With the development of society and the changes in people’s attitudes to sex, sex underwear, as a sexual product, has gradually been valued and sought after by people, and its market share has continued to expand.So, what are the customer groups of sexy underwear?This article will be discussed from different angles.

Age: young people are the main consumer groups

From the age of age, the main consumer group of sexy underwear is young people aged 20-40.This group is more open, free, and fashionable, and has higher acceptance of sexy underwear.In addition, because their economic strength is relatively strong, the consumption power of sex underwear is higher than those of other ages.

Marriage status: married couples are relatively high in the group

In addition, from the perspective of marriage, married couples accounted for relatively high consumers in sexy underwear.This is because the marriage relationship is relatively stable, and the sexual life between husband and wife requires more stimuli and interest, and interest underwear can meet their needs.

Professional group: white -collar career occupies a dominant position

Among the professional groups, consumers with white -collar workers are more than other occupations.This is mainly because the career income of white -collar workers is relatively high, and more pocket money can buy sexy underwear.And because these people usually work pressure, they need a way to relieve stress, and sexy underwear has become their choice.

Cultural differences: consumers in European and American countries are more

From the perspective of cultural differences, there are more consumers in Western countries.European and American countries are more open to sex, the development of sexual culture is at the forefront of the world, and sexy underwear is more popular.On the contrary, due to the cultural tradition of Asian countries, the sexy underwear market is relatively backward.

Style preferences: sexy, romantic and dare to try people are more likely to accept sexy underwear

In terms of style preferences, people who like sexy, romantic and dare to try are easier to accept sexy underwear.They are more open to sex, pay more attention to visual effects and experience experience.Therefore, they are easier to accept the culture and products of sexy underwear.

Gender differences: female consumers more

In terms of gender differences, more female consumers.This is because the design of sexy underwear is more designed for women, and women pay more attention to their own image and the comfort of wearing, and are more picky about the selection of sexy underwear.At the same time, women’s demand for sexual life is also higher, and sexy underwear can meet their needs.

Scene requirements: Party, Valentine’s Day, and Wedding Equivalents Demand more demand

In terms of demand on the occasion, sex underwear needs greater demand on party, Valentine’s Day, and marriage party.These occasions pay more attention to sexy and romantic, and sexy underwear can show the charm and personality of the protagonist.Therefore, in these occasions, sexy underwear needs greater demand.

Consumption habits: online and offline consumption equal emphasis

In terms of consumption habits, the consumption habits of sex underwear are equal to each other.Because sexy underwear is a relatively private product, and online purchase is more convenient and anonymous, so online consumption is more.However, buying sexy underwear in physical stores can better feel the material and quality of the product, so many people will choose to buy physical stores.

Conclusion: The market potential of sexy underwear is huge

In general, the market potential of sexy underwear is huge, and the consumer groups are also very extensive.As a cultural product, sexy underwear has become one of the essentials of the quality of life of modern people.It is hoped that the culture of sexy underwear in the future can become more and more popular, and the market can develop healthily.

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