What are the fun underwear source manufacturers

Sexy underwear is a special use of underwear. So what are the source of sex underwear?As an expert in sexy underwear, I will introduce you in detail in the following article.

1. American brand manufacturer

The United States is one of the birthplaces of sex underwear, and many internationally renowned sexy underwear brands are produced in the United States.For example, Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, etc.Their sexy underwear is fashionable and sexy, and is loved by European and American women.

2. Japanese brand manufacturers

Japan is a very sexual culture, and sexy underwear has also developed extensively here.Many erotic underwear brands, such as Anna MU, TENGA, etc. are produced in Japan.Their sexy underwear is simple, cute, and some has anime elements, which is sought after by young Japanese women.

3. European brand manufacturers

European sexy underwear is pursuing exquisite, low -key sexy. Their sexy underwear design is simple and generous, focusing on quality and craftsmanship.For example, Fleur of England, Marlies Dekkers, etc., these brands are known as representatives of European erotic underwear.

4. Chinese brand manufacturers

With the increase of domestic demand for sexy underwear, some sexy underwear brands have emerged in China.For example, the rabbits, 、 Dai Si, ERKE, etc. The sexy underwear design of these brands is full of Chinese elements, focusing on innovation and diversity.

5. Sex underwear processing factory

In addition to brand manufacturers, there are also some sexy underwear processing plants, which are very experienced in production and processing sexy underwear.These processing factories are often hired by sexy underwear brands to produce and process sexy underwear.However, because they do not produce their own brand underwear, their popularity will not be so high.

6. Sexy underwear brand transformation manufacturers

With the rapid development of the sex products industry, many sexy underwear brands have begun to transform production and sales of adult products.In addition to common vibration rods, jumping eggs, sex products, etc., these brands have also begun to launch special sexy underwear product lines, such as Durex, Okamoto, etc.

7. ODM manufacturer

ODM represents "original design manufacturer", which is generally received from brand owners, responsible for designing, developing and producing sexy underwear.These manufacturers generally customize production, and the quality is relatively stable, but the popularity is not high.

8. Self -operated brand manufacturer

In addition to foundry and ODM, there are some self -operated brand manufacturers.These manufacturers have their own sexy underwear brands, and the production design is completed within their own design team.For example, Amoretu, Obsessive, etc., these brands have a certain reputation in the domestic market.

Generally speaking, there are many source of sexy underwear, and different regions and brands have demonstrated their own characteristics and culture.Regardless of your preferences and needs, you can always find a sexy underwear that suits you.

Viewpoint: It is not difficult for the source manufacturers of sexy underwear to see that the erotic underwear industry has entered a stage of rapid development.In the next few years, the sexy underwear industry will become more and more diverse and segmented, consumers will have more choices, and market space will become larger and larger.

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