What are the new nouns of sexy underwear?


As sexy underwear becomes more and more common in our lives, people have begun to use some new terms to describe different styles and types.This makes buying sexy underwear more challenging and irritating, but also increases consumer confusion and uncertainty.

1. Bralette

Bralette is a different style from traditional women’s underwear.It usually does not have a coaster or steel ring, but is made of light and soft fabrics.Bralette usually has low to medium support, and is often used to display small underwear under the tulle or transparent top.

2. Chemise

Chemise is a kind of nighttime that is convenient to wear on the body.It is different from the traditional robe because it is usually lighter and suitable for home wearing.Chemise can carry a variety of designs and decorations, including lace, ribbon and decorative details.

3. Garter Belt

Garter Belt is a strap that can wear stockings.It is usually located in the waist and uses various styles and decorations, including lace, beads and embroidery.Garter Belt is very suitable for sexy underwear, which can create a sexy atmosphere and style.

4. Bodysuit

Bodysuit is a popular sexy lingerie style.It is an overall underwear, similar to tights, but it is usually made of thinner materials.Bodysuit has tight effects on the waist, hips and chest, providing high elasticity and comfort, and suitable for wearing various clothing.

5. Bustier

BUSTIER is a underwear style that usually has steel rings and shaped coasters to provide high -level support and tight effects.Bustier also often uses various decorative effects, such as lace, embroidery and pearls to increase sexy and fashionable.

6. Teddy

Teddy is an overall women’s underwear, similar to Bodysuit, but usually shorter and not similar to warmth.Teddy is usually made of light, perspective materials, and is often equipped with lace, embroidery and other decorative details to increase sexy and attractiveness.

7. Corset

Corset is a highly tight -fitting sexy lingerie style, which is very similar to Bustier.It has a steel wire skeleton and a loose band to perfectly adapt to the carcass and provide additional support and pressure.Corset often uses a variety of materials, colors and decorations, such as silk, lace and beads to create a noble and classic style.

8. babydoll

Babydoll is a rare sexy lingerie style, usually made of light fabrics, including silk, lace and perspective mesh.Babydoll usually has a loose personal effect and has various decorations, such as ribbon, bow and perspective mesh to ensure comfort and sexy.

9. Crotchless

Crotchless underwear is a very sexy sexy lingerie style. It has no crotch coverage and is usually very seeing.Crotchless underwear can be matched with various other sexy underwear, such as vests, skirts, hanging straps and corsets.

10. Nipple Pasties

Nipple Pasties is a different style from traditional chests.It is usually composed of small rounds pasted on the nipple and has various decorations and patterns.Nipple Pasties are often used for special activities or occasions, such as party, performance and model shooting.


Interest underwear is a creative and diverse shopping experience.Whether you are looking for traditional steel corset or soft, perspective, you can always find a choice that suits you.The most important thing is that no matter what style and style of sexy underwear you wear, you should wear it in a confident way, and you can show yourself when and wherever.

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