What do you use to use sex underwear to buy it?

How to clean up the sexy jacket

Interest underwear is an essential element for improving fun, but after use, many people feel about how to wash a headache.Today we will talk about the cleaning method of sexy underwear.

Step 1: Understand the material of love underwear

First of all, you must understand the material of love underwear. Different materials require different ways of washing.For example, cotton, silk, pure hemp, and wool fabrics need to be washed with warm water, while coating fabrics, bright light, etc. need to be washed or dry.

Step 2: Do not use a washing machine to clean

When cleaning sex underwear, avoid cleaning the washing machine.Because the detergent concentration in the washing machine is relatively large, and the washing and drying strength is also very large, it is easy to damage the delicate material of the sexy underwear, so we can use hand washing or professional dry cleaning.

Step 3: Step of Wash in Hand

Hand washing the sexy underwear requires the following steps: First, soak the sex underwear with warm water, add an appropriate amount of washing solution, gently rub it, do not use it too hard, and finally wash it with water.Sexy underwear that belongs to high -temperature treatment should be careful not to use hot water, otherwise it will affect the service life.

Step 4: Use the correct washing solution

When selecting detergents, pay attention to different materials with different detergents, and try to use neutral detergent or special sexy liquid washing fluid.Should not be used for detergents containing bleaching agents, and can be added with soft or bleaching agents to increase the washing effect, but its use also needs to pay attention to dose problems.

Step 5: drying sex underwear

After the cleaning is completed, the underwear should be squeezed out of the water. Do not twist or rub it vigorously to avoid deformation of tight bands. Do not put it in a high temperature or direct sunlight when drying, otherwise it will damage the details of the sexy underwear.

Step 6: Wash the sexy underwear regularly

The longer the clothing is not cleaned, the harder the stains will be cleaned.Interesting underwear is exposed to private parts, it is necessary to clean it in time. Be sure to prepare the conditions of daily cleaning. For examplesuperb.

Step 7: Pay attention to the preservation of sexy underwear

After cleaning, put the fun underwear in a dark place and keep it flat, or put it into a special sexy underwear box to prevent it from being polluted by the outside world, and it can also avoid folding marks and affect the appearance.

Step 8: Replacement of sexy underwear regularly

You don’t have to cherish the sexy underwear for a long time, and its service life is limited.Especially the sexy underwear of cotton fabrics and fiber fabrics. After many high -temperature water washing, they even lost their original elasticity, so wearing underwear in the underwear or the underwear of cotton fabrics harden, you must consider replacing replacement.The problem of sexy underwear.

Step 9: It is recommended to dry wash for particularly valuable sexy underwear

For some valuable sexy underwear, or the fabric is difficult to clean, especially silk, wool fabrics, etc., it is recommended to use dry cleaning to avoid quality problems during washing.

Step 10: Classification of colored sexy underwear classification

Before cleaning the erotic underwear, categorize it.Color sexy underwear should be cleaned separately to avoid dyeing.Especially dark erotic underwear needs special attention when cleaning, and should be cleaned with fluorescent detergents.In the same way, white sex underwear cannot be washed with colorful sexy underwear, otherwise it will cause white sex underwear to become yellow.

The above are some issues that you need to pay attention to when cleaning sex underwear. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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