What does the sexy underwear look like

What does the sexy underwear look like

1. Style selection principle

When choosing a sexy underwear, women with small breasts should give priority to the choice of style.Try to choose a style with thin pads or thick pads. This style can make up for the shortcomings of women with small breasts and increase full visual effects.

2. Color selection skills

In color, small breasts can tend to choose dark color underwear, such as black and dark purple.This color can make sexy effects well, and at the same time, it can also play a certain compressed visual effect, making the figure more prominent.

3. Selection of texture

In terms of texture, it is recommended that small breasts choose a layered texture, such as mesh and lace.This design can create a noble and elegant temperament and better show the charm of women.

4. Application of tulle design

The erotic underwear of the tulle design is also preferred by small breasts, because this style is very light and thin, which can highlight the figure lines, increase the fullness of the chest, and make small breasts more beautiful after wearing it.

5. Precautions for bottom design

In terms of bottom design, it is recommended that small breasts do not choose sexy underwear with too high waist, because this style will make the body proportions appear uncoordinated. It is better to choose conventional or low -waist styles to coordinate the body proportion.

6. Prefer to choose the styling style

Women of small breasts can choose to adjust the sexy underwear. This style can increase fullness, and at the same time, it can also be fine -tuned to make the chest lines more perfect, so as to achieve the visual and beautiful effect.

7. What should I pay attention to when buying underwear

When buying sexy underwear, small breasts should buy according to their actual size.Do not blindly follow the trend when buying, so as not to buy inappropriate styles, leading to disappointment and waste.

8. How to match it is better

In terms of sexy underwear, women with small breasts should be matched with the upper and lower clothes that are suitable for them. The shape is simple and generous, avoiding too tedious dressing, so as not to destroy the effect of the sexy underwear.

9. Maintenance method of sexy underwear

In terms of maintenance, sexy underwear needs to be careful.When cleaning, you should follow the instructions on the cleaning label, choose the appropriate cleaning method and cycle to avoid strong scrubbing and exposure, so as not to lose the original exquisiteness of the erotic underwear.

10. Viewpoint: Pay attention to the establishment of self -confidence

Finally, women with small breasts need to establish self -confidence when wearing sexy underwear, and leave a deep impression with their own charm.Whether it is body or temperament, as long as you keep smiling and self -confidence, you can have a perfect state.

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