What is the good mentality of a boyfriend to send a sexy underwear?

The problem caused by her boyfriend to send sexy underwear

Boyfriends sending sexy underwear may cause various mental problems in their girlfriends, such as surprise, 忐, panic and so on.In the face of these issues, the best way is to treat calmly, rational analysis, and choose the most suitable way to face it.

Express the feeling as soon as possible

When my boyfriend sent a sexy underwear, it is very important to express the feeling as soon as possible.Don’t think for barely accepting your boyfriend, and don’t just complain or go online.You can express your surprise and gratitude, let your boyfriend know your attitude, and make yourself feel happy.

Don’t force yourself to wear

If you think this set of fun underwear is not suitable for you, then don’t force it to wear it yourself.Although it was sent by her boyfriend, the most important thing is that they are comfortable. If you wear it, you will feel uncomfortable, so it will be lost.

Appreciate your boyfriend’s choice with your heart

The boyfriend’s sexual underwear is a kind of affirmation and appreciation of his girlfriend, so you may wish to appreciate his choice with your heart.Maybe this set of fun underwear and styles are not usually chosen by themselves, but this does not mean that it has no advantages and can try to appreciate and experience.

Give play to your imagination

Each girl’s imagination of sexy underwear is different. Some think that sexy underwear is a romantic prop for couples, and some think that sexy underwear can bring themselves a beautiful enjoyment.No matter what kind of imagination, you can try to play it and add interest.

Communicate with boyfriend

Before her boyfriend sends a sexy underwear, she may take the initiative to ask her girlfriend’s needs, but may not take into account the girlfriend’s idea.If there is no need for communication, his girlfriend can also take the initiative to communicate with her boyfriend to let him understand his preferences, which helps her boyfriend to choose a more suitable sexy underwear for her girlfriend.

Feeling like ordinary underwear

For some novices, erotic underwear may make them panic or frightened, and do not know how to wear it.In fact, there is no essential difference between the method of wearing sex underwear and ordinary underwear, so try to relax the mentality as much as possible and wear sex underwear as ordinary underwear.

Reflecting the inner charm

Interest underwear is not necessarily to make yourself more sexy, but reflects his inner charm.Each girl has her own unique charm, and sexy underwear allows girls to better show their own style and personality.

My boyfriend’s sexy underwear does not mean that you need to "use" immediately

The boyfriend’s erotic underwear does not mean that you need to be close, let alone affect your relationship between you.Interest underwear is just a prop that stimulates the interests of both sides. It needs to follow the wishes and mutual respect of both parties, rather than a compulsory constraint.


The boyfriend sent a sexy lingerie, more that he hopes to increase the taste and romance between the two parties, not to bring pressure or discomfort to his girlfriend.Girlfriends should maintain their own independence and will, handle their own mentality, and make sexy underwear a way to increase interest between the two parties, rather than a tool to cause any negative impact.

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