What is the name of sexy underwear for work?

1. What is sexy underwear for work?

The sexy underwear used at work refers to the style and design of the style and design that can be worn on the workplace.These underwear usually include sexy but not exposed low -key styles, suitable for wearing shirts or sets.In addition, the sexy underwear for work must also consider comfort and no trace effect.

2. Types of sexy underwear for work

There are all kinds of sexy underwear on the market, and their types are also very rich.There are suspenders -style vest underwear, which can be worn with a white shirt or suit jacket; there are sexy but solemn lace -shoulder underwear, which can be paired with professional jackets; there is also a camisole design with off -the -shoulder design, you can wear you can wearUnder the hollow shirt or tulle jacket.

3. Material selection

The material choice of sexy underwear for work is also very important.Generally speaking, pure cotton materials that can be breathable and comfortable are favored by many people.In addition, there are some skin -friendly and comfortable blended fabrics, such as silk, lace, etc., but the breathability and durability of these materials are worse than cotton.

4. Selection of color

The color choice of sexy underwear for work is also important.Generally speaking, black and white are the most common colors.Black underwear can increase women’s sexy and mysterious sense, and white has a fresh and pure feeling.If you want to choose other colors to go to work with erotic underwear, dark purple, blue and wine red are also good choices.

5. The difference between European and American and Asian styles

The style of sexy underwear for work can be divided into Europe, America and Asia.European and American -style sexy underwear is usually more bold and sexy, with more elements such as off -shoulder, back, and exposed legs.The Asian -style erotic underwear is relatively low -key, expressing women’s tenderness with small bow, lace edge, detail processing, etc.

6. Choose a style that suits you

Although there are all kinds of sexy underwear on the market, the most important thing is to choose a style that suits you.Different styles of women in different shapes are different. For example, women with too large chests should pay attention to choosing the style of the lining, and the fabric should choose thicker.Women with too small chests can choose a style with fake shoulder straps, which can increase curve beauty.

7. Consider the transparency

When choosing to work with sex underwear, pay attention to the transparency consideration.If the underwear sees the contour and details through clothes, it may cause uncomfortable women.Therefore, you must choose a style with darker colors and low light transmission.

8. Purchase way

You can choose to buy sexy underwear at work, but this may be a bit limited.Another method is to buy online.Some brands of official website or Jingdong, Taobao and other e -commerce platforms can be found to be suitable for sexy underwear.

9. Pay attention to privacy issues

Pay attention to protecting personal privacy when buying sexy underwear.It is best to choose at home to avoid embarrassment.At the same time, we should also pay attention to protecting your account security and avoid being deceived or swiping.

10. Summary view

In general, sexy underwear at work can bring women not only sexy and beautiful, but more importantly, self -confidence and pleasure.When choosing to work with sex underwear, you need to choose the style and material that suits you according to your figure.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the consideration of color and transparency.When buying, pay attention to privacy issues, do not leak personal information.

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