What is the sexy underwear milk sticker?

What is sexy underwear milk sticker

Interesting underwear milk stickers are a small patch that can help women solve the embarrassing problems that occur when wearing sexy underwear.This kind of patch is the lower part of the breast, which is often used in the shoulder -free or low -cut sexy underwear to avoid glowing.There are many different styles of milk stickers, and some styles can be cut freely, suitable for women of different sizes.

What is the effect of milk stickers

The main role of milk stickers is to consolidate the wearing effect of sexy underwear, making your chest look more compact and beautiful.At the same time, milk stickers can prevent the nipples from glowing in low -cut or shoulder straps.

How to use milk stickers

The use of milk stickers is very simple, the following is a specific step:

1. Before using milk stickers, you need to confirm that your breasts have no water or oil.Wash it with water before use and dry it thoroughly to ensure that the milk sticker can be pasted tightly.

2. Take out the milk patch and tear off the protective film on the back.

3. If necessary, you can cut the milk sticker according to your breast size and the shape of the underwear that needs to be fitted.

4. First fix the lower part of the milk sticker to the lower part of the breast to ensure the weight of the average distribution of the patch.

5. Then, gently pull the milk sticker in the direction of the underwear to ensure that it is fixed on the underwear.

How to clean the milk sticker

Cleaning milk stickers is also very simple, you can follow the steps below:

1. Before cleaning, use paper towels or wet towels to stick a small amount of milk on the milk.

2. Soak the milk sticker in warm water, then rinse in pure water to restore it to its original state.

3. After drying, re -paste the back protective film of the milk patch to prepare for the next use.

The advantages and disadvantages of milk stickers

The advantages of milk stickers include::

1. Convenient use: milk stickers can be used anytime, anywhere, more convenient, which is very suitable for women who like to wear sexy underwear.

2. Display lines: Milk stickers can cleverly display women’s lines, more tempting and aesthetics.

The disadvantages of milk stickers include:

1. Limited paste time: milk stickers are easily affected by sweat and moisture. The paste time is limited and need to be replaced.

2. It may cause allergies: some people may cause allergic reactions to viscous substances on the milk sticker.

Note of the choice of milk stickers

When choosing a milk sticker, consider the following factors:

1. Size: Select the right milk sticker according to your breast size.

2. Follow the shape of sexy underwear: Choose milk stickers according to the shape of the sexy underwear you wear.If it is a shoulder strap or a low -cut sexy underwear, you need to choose the milk sticker that fit the underwear.

3. Material: You need to choose soft and comfortable materials, it is best to choose natural materials.

Precautions when removing the milk sticker

When removing the milk sticker, you need to pay attention to the following:

1. Do not excessively pull: When removing the milk sticker, avoid excessive pulling your breasts and skin to avoid skin discomfort or skin damage.

2. Use warm water: Wash with warm water to help reduce the stickiness of the milk sticker and easily remove.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear milk stickers are extremely convenient, attractive and beautiful.Although there are some disadvantages of milk stickers, if you choose the milk sticker that suits you, use the correct method and maintenance method, you will experience the comfort, beauty and confidence it brings.

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