What kind of sexy underwear wearing fat people

What kind of erotic underwear do fat people wear?

Interest underwear is a special costume that can show women’s figure, but people generally think that it is important to choose underwear that suits them, especially for women with fat figures.So, what are the most suitable sexy underwear for this group of women?Here are some factors and suggestions that can help you consider when choosing sexy underwear.

1. Select the material

It is very important to choose the right material when you choose a sexy underwear.While showing women’s body shape inward, it also needs to consider comfort and texture.For women who are fat, it is more wise to choose a comfortable and soft texture.We recommend choosing cotton materials. This material is relatively friendly to the skin and good breathability, which can ensure the comfort when wearing.

2. Gathering underwear

For fat women, you want to make your chest look prominent and fuller. Choosing a gathering underwear is the best choice.The purpose of gathering underwear is to push the breasts on both sides to the middle to create a curved effect, which will make the entire body line more slender.Therefore, fat women can choose such underwear to make their chest look vibrant and sexy.

3. Long underwear

For fat women who want to cover their stomach while showing their figures, we recommend choosing long underwear.This sexy underwear is relatively loose, and at the same time, it can better cover the waist and belly, helping you make yourself more confident and comfortable when wearing.In addition, underwear with shoulder straps and joints is also a good choice.

4. Color matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, color matching is a factor that cannot be ignored.For fat women who want to hide some flaws, dark underwear is a very good choice.Dark underwear can make people look slender, while bright colors can better show their body defects.If you like bright colors, you can choose the bottom of the dark underwear and paired with a bright top.

5. Cup size

The size of the cup is a factor that requires special considerations in sexy underwear.If you choose a cup larger or smaller than your own chest, it will make yourself look uncoordinated and even more bloated.Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing underwear.Finding the appropriate cup size can make your body more valuable.

6. vertical stripe style

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is very important to prefer vertical stripes.The vertical stripes have a very good effect, helping the body look more slender, so that the body lines can be better displayed.Therefore, the bottom of the underwear may be suitable for horizontal strips and underwear cups are likely to be vertical.

7. Larger underwear

When you want to highlight your body, cover your abdomen, consider buying some abdominal underwear.These erotic underwear have a good effect, which can squeeze your stomach together and create a flat abdominal effect, so that the overall curve will look more natural.This kind of underwear will better show the body curve.

8. Rest -type underwear

Best underwear is a very interesting and special type in sexy underwear.These erotic underwear can provide you with richer plasticity, helping you create a more sexy effect while showing the figure.Unlike other underwear, restraint underwear is better wrapped, so please choose underwear carefully, which is the best for you.

9. Any choice

In fact, the above suggestions are just as a reference. We can’t fully tell you which sexy underwear should be selected.Any underwear makes the body look different, which is related to many different factors.Most importantly, your own comfort and self -confidence.Try the new style, choose the most suitable underwear for your own, and fight for it.

10. Viewpoint

For the fat woman who wants to find the most suitable sex underwear, our suggestions are to continue to try, pay attention to the changes in our body curve, find plastic underwear and pay attention to our comfort.Therefore, only you are the best for you.

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