Where are the sexy underwear?


The fun underwear itself reveals a mysterious and attractive atmosphere, making many women unable to resist trying to try this sexy dress.However, many people will have various doubts and tangles in what occasions, which are, and time to wear such sex underwear.Therefore, this article will share the expansion of sexy underwear for everyone, so that everyone can wear more sexy effects.

Daily wear

Interest underwear is not limited to the occasions of sex. Many daily wear can also be matched with sexy underwear to make the whole dress more sexy and comfortable.For example, in the summer, when you can choose a sexy chest sticker or tube top sexy underwear when wearing a suspender or off -the -shoulder style, you can also create a sexy feeling while ensuring your comfort.


For women, the beautiful chest line is a very important part.When you put on your own clothes, do you want your chest to be more prominent and sexy?At this time, chest stickers and sexy bras are your good choices.However, when choosing, it is necessary to match according to your chest shape and body, and do not blindly pursue the effect of big breasts.

Naked back

For some out -of -back and low -back dressing, it will be ugly if the underwear runs out.And the sexy underwear of stockings, suspenders, vests, or side styles can perfectly solve this problem.The sexy underwear effect of tube top or naked back and back -back design will also be excellent.

Sexy lace style

Sexy lace -style underwear can be said to be a classic style in sexy underwear. When encountering a provocative occasion, we will recommend selective sexy lace styles or breasts.They can not only show their body advantages well, but also outline the perfect women’s curve.More importantly, this design can also adjust the mood of women and make them more confident and charm.

Suitable for outer corset

When you put on tight corset, but still wear a coat without underwear, at this time you need to have underwear suitable for external wear.Some erotic underwear that can be paired with camisole, chiffon shirts, shirts and cardigans, etc., allows you to dress up with a good and capable beauty when you ensure moderate sexy.

Sweet and cute style

Not all sexy lingerie styles must be so sexy and exposed. Some sweet and cute styles of sexy underwear can also make you feel a cute and playful feeling at the same time.For example, some sexy underwear with lace or bow decoration, and some girls’ hearty underwear are all good choices.

Knitted style

In the cold winter, knitted sexy underwear can also bring you warmth and comfort.At the same time, add some sexy elements, such as shoulder straps and lace design, can also show sexy effects.This style can also be paired with knitted home clothing and socks to add a color to your entire winter style.

Transparent format

The transparent underwear reveals the ambiguous atmosphere and enhances the elements of interest.Putting on transparent underwear can make your body curve more prominent, and at the same time feel the different interests brought by nakedness.However, this style should not be used too much. It is best to match special scenes to make the entire clothing look more perfect.

Spring and summer style

In the spring and summer seasons, the use of tulle and ultra -thin sexy underwear is a very Congming choice.Not only can it be effectively cooled, but also the body lines can be outline, fully showing their feminine charm.For this time, you can choose some styles of shoulder and shoulder straps, which can make your beautiful back or sexy shoulder lines more prominent.

Intellectual occasion

Of course, in the situation of interest, sexy underwear is still one of the most indispensable props.Qi B’s small vest, sexy three -point style, invisible bra, etc. The style of sexy underwear can be selected, so that you can experience a different sex life.However, when using sexy underwear, you should still pay attention to personal safety and hygiene issues to avoid unnecessary physical damage.


In general, different styles of erotic underwear are suitable for dressing.When choosing, you can use your body characteristics and wear occasions to buy.But no matter what kind of erotic underwear choose, it should not be exposed to it. It is best to keep this personal private item in your own waters.

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