Where is the difference between sexy underwear female men?

1 Introduction

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear has been very popular in recent years.Many people pay special attention to the difference between men and women when they choose to buy sexy underwear.So, what is the difference between sexy underwear female men?Next, we will conduct detailed discussion.

2. Design style

On the whole, women’s sexy underwear has a variety of styles, and considering the body and temperament of women.For example, the cup type of the bra is usually smaller, paying more attention to the decoration of the clothes, and the design of the bottom pants is more considering the unity of sexy and aesthetics.The men’s sexy underwear is relatively simple, which is usually simple and comfortable to prevent the inconvenience of the activity from happening.

3. Material selection

Women’s sexy lingerie usually uses soft, skin -friendly, comfortable materials, such as lace, diamonds, cotton and polyester.This can ensure the comfort and visual effect of women when wearing.Men’s sexy underwear is mainly made of elastic fiber, such as cotton, so that it can better adapt to the body and needs of men.

4. Color selection

The color choice of women’s sex underwear is relatively rich, usually warm colors, such as pink, purple, red, etc.The color of the men’s sexy underwear is biased towards dark colors, such as black, blue and red, etc., which is more in line with men’s aesthetic needs and personality characteristics.

5. Detail design

There are usually many details of women’s sexy underwear, such as lace trim, lace decoration, and so on.These details can better reflect the sexy elegance of women.And men’s sexy underwear usually has some simple details, such as front pockets or tassels.

6. Edition shape

The shape of women’s sex lingerie is usually rich and varied. It is both challenging and suitable for daily wear.Men’s sexy underwear is relatively simple, with comfort as the main consideration.

7. Functional requirements

Women’s sexy lingerie usually takes into account fashion and sexy effects, and also attaches importance to comfort and needs in different occasions.Men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to comfort and functionality, such as covering the abdomen and other effects.

8. Buy channels

In the end, women’s sexy underwear usually pays more attention to brand and quality in buying channels, because women pay more attention to quality and safety when buying.Men’s sexy underwear is relatively available in purchase channels, and pays more attention to price and practical utility.

9. Summary

In summary, the difference between the pictures of sexy underwear women is mainly designed, material selection, color selection, detail design, version shape, functional requirements, purchase channels, etc.Each sex underwear has its own characteristics and applicable occasions. Consumers should choose according to their figure, needs and preferences when purchasing.

10. Viewpoint

In the end, whether it is women’s sexy underwear or men’s sexy underwear, it is actually to better show their physical charm.We should pay more attention to our inner beauty and charm, and sexy underwear is just one of the media we show.

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