Where is the selling of Gulin sex underwear?

Where is the selling of Gulin sex underwear?

1. Online platform purchase

In today’s Internet era, online shopping has become one of the main ways of shopping.Taobao and JD.com have rich sexy underwear products on online platforms, and many stores have rich sales experience, and customer service can also provide professional services and suggestions.However, when choosing, you must choose a reputable merchant to avoid being deceived.

Second, sex products specialty store

Sex products stores are physical stores that specialize in selling sexy underwear, adult toys and other sex products.This way of shopping can help customers better understand the characteristics of the product, and the trial effect is better.However, when choosing a store, you must choose a regular store to avoid the affected merchants who enter the "pit people" and have an impact on their physical health.

Third, large shopping malls

The sexy underwear area in large shopping malls is usually very rich, and the quality of the product is also relatively guaranteed.Buying here can also avoid some online shopping problems, such as inappropriate sizes.However, the sexy underwear area is a relatively privacy area, which may cause some embarrassment.

Fourth, brand flagship store

Some well -known erotic underwear brands will set up their own flagship stores. The quality and quality of the product here are guaranteed.Products to buy brand flagship stores can also enjoy better after -sales service.However, brand flagship stores usually only exist in some large cities.

Five, small shops

Small shops are mostly small shops on communities or pedestrian streets, and they are sold throughout the year, not just on specific festivals.Buying sexy underwear is also a choice here. The price is cheaper than shopping malls or brand stores, and the patient’s patient service is also very good.However, the size and business scale of the store are limited, and the product styles are relatively small.

6. Interesting underwear manufacturers

Some sexy underwear manufacturers will establish a sales website by themselves to sell products directly to customers. Generally, the price will be lower than retailers.Moreover, go to the manufacturer directly to get better price discounts.However, the distance between manufacturers and customers is often far away, and problems are prone to occur during express delivery.

7. Start from actual needs

When buying sexy underwear, you must establish the correct shopping concept and start from your actual needs.For example, whether you need to consider health factors, whether you need to cooperate with specific occasions, whether you need to buy online.Only by clarifying your shopping goals can you better choose the right shopping method.

8. Pay attention to shopping safety

There is also a certain risk of buying sexy underwear. Pay attention to your own shopping safety.Especially when buying goods on online platforms, we must avoid trading in unsafe network environments.It is recommended to use a secure network environment, such as the network of personal families and mobile phones to conduct shopping transactions.

Nine, prohibit illegal purchase

The state stipulates that minors under 18 years of age are prohibited from buying sexy underwear, adult toys and other products.When buying sexy underwear, you must have an ID card for real -name certification, otherwise the goods will be banned from shipping.At the same time, it is forbidden to purchase or sell these products with illegal means.

10. Viewpoint: Multiple shopping methods combined with choice

From the above introduction, it can be seen that there are many ways to buy sex underwear, and each way has their own advantages and disadvantages.In order to better buy products that are suitable for you, it is recommended that multiple shopping methods can be selected in combination, such as understanding product characteristics and size conditions from offline physical stores, and then selecting purchase and comparison on the network platform.In this way, you can also buy appropriate and preferential products while enjoying the fun of shopping.

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