Where is the sexy lingerie collection more appropriate?

Where is the sexy lingerie collection more appropriate?

After buying a sexy underwear, we will all encounter a problem: Where is it appropriate to hide sex underwear?Below, we provide you with a few options for you to choose better.

1. In the wardrobe

First, wardrobes are the most common places for Tibetan clothing.In addition to high safety in the wardrobe, it is easy to find the underwear you need.You can put sexual emotional fun underwear alone in a wardrobe area, and use some sealed transparent bags to pack it.

2. In the drawer

If your wardrobe space is not enough, the drawer is also a good choice.However, the drawer is best decorated and orderly, so that the sexy underwear is kept clean and tidy.You can use some storage boxes, net bags, etc. to classify underwear.

3. Inside the bag

If you often go out or travel, you can put sexy underwear in a professional underwear bag and put it directly into your bag.In this way, you can replace underwear at any time without worrying about quality problems.In addition, this jewelry mobile bag can also be used as a pocket.

4. Ones of the bedside table

If you and your partner are often keen on jokes and romance, it is a good idea to put sexy underwear on the bedside table.In this way, when you need, you can change your clothes at any time and increase your interest.

5. Behind the pillow

Pillow is also a good place to store.When you are going to rest at night, you can hide the sexy lingerie behind the pillow.In addition, when you are close to your partner, you can directly take out underwear to increase interest and desire.

6. In the box

When you change the season, you can put different types of underwear in a box to mark the type of the underwear clearly.However, when you need to use a certain type of underwear, you need to find the whole box.

7. On the display rack

If your sexy underwear is beautiful, you can hang them on an independent display rack to show your hobby.

8. On the dressing table

The dressing table is another good place to place sexy underwear.You can use small hooks to store some small underwear and keep them clean and dusty.

in conclusion

When determining the location of sexy underwear, please consider your habits, preferences and needs.You can choose a variety of storage methods and choose different underwear according to different scenes.In any way, you should keep the underwear clean and dry to avoid affecting your health.

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