Who are the fun underwear models?


Interest underwear is a relatively unique clothing. It can increase people’s interest and sexy degree, making the wearer more confident and attractive.The sexy underwear model is a unique -style professional model for underwear brands. Their figure proportions and dressing skills are very important. Let’s take a look at what well -known sexy underwear models.

Hilary Rhoda

Hillary Dufu is not only a well-known model in the fashion industry, but also sexy underwear models. She has starred in many brands of sexy underwear advertisements, such as Chantelle, Yamamay, Fredericks of Hollywood.

Ashley Graham (Ashley Graham)

Aishley Graham is a fashion model and a large size model. She also starred in the sexy underwear advertisements of many brands, such as Addition ELLE, Lane Bryant, etc.

Anja Rubik

Anna Ji is a Polish supermodel and a sexy underwear model. She starred in sexy underwear advertisements of many brands, such as Chantelle, Yamamay, La Senza, etc.

Emily Didonato

Emily Den is a American model and a sexy underwear model. She starred in sexy underwear advertisements of many brands, such as H & M and Intimissimi. Her figure and face made her a spokesperson for the brand.

Adam Levine

Although Adam-Levi is not a female model, he represents a unique sexy underwear style. He is an exclusive model of the American brand Victoria’s Secret., Greatly loved by consumers.

Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is an angel model of the American brand Victoria’s Secret and a sexy underwear model. She has staged the noble and elegant sexy underwear in many brand fashion shows.

Jenny Faloona (Jenny Faloona)

Jenny Faro is a Italian brand’s sexy underwear model. Her figure and temperament are very suitable for the brand’s sexy underwear, and show the taste and sexy of the brand’s hope.

Ana Cherí (Ana Cherí)

Anna Xie Rui is a very popular social media model with many fans and followers. She is also a spokesperson for many sexy underwear brands, because she exudes the unique charm and the sexy and self-confidence she represents.

Kate Upton

Kate Apton is a top model in the United States. She has starred in sexy underwear advertisements in multiple brands, including Yamamay, Guess, etc., and launched a sexy underwear series for many brands.

Avril Lavigne

Although Avril Lavini does not take the model as the main business, she appears in sexy underwear in many occasions. She represents a style of rock and erotic underwear. Her taste has been widely recognized.


The above is the introduction of some sexy underwear models. They all have a unique figure and temperament, adding different styles and attractiveness to the sexy underwear of each brand. The market for sex underwear is constantly growing. Its existence also represents modern timesPart of human interest.

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