Who is the earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland?

Who is the earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland?

Sex underwear has always been a fashionable part. Whether it is daily or party, there are almost endless choices.However, do you know who/the earliest sex underwear concept and launch the earliest sexy underwear show?

The background of the first appearance

Who did the earliest sexy underwear show in the mainland for the first time?As early as 1986, a graduate of a Nanjing Institute of Arts and Crafts created the first sexy underwear in China and was displayed in Nanjing, which started for this trend.

Preliminary response

However, this debut is not caused by a sensation.At that time, the discussion was taboos in taboos, so sexy underwear was not considered as fashionable but too offensive and indecent.

Small -range use

Adult sexy underwear is used in a small range than BDSM supplies because of the offending ideas and is not popular.They are mainly used by those who love Western culture, appreciate sexy, eager to express and pursue high -quality living people.

Frequent of sexy underwear

With the changes in the market and fashion, more and more people are aware of the potential of sexy underwear and the impact on personality and position.It is no longer regarded as a offending but becoming a part of fashion.

Large -scale appearance

Since 2005, the Interest Underwear Show has expanded its influence through the national tour.These large -scale shows show the reader group of fashion and show the demand for market merchants to promote the continuous development of the market.

The birth of new shows

In addition to large -scale shows, there are other new sexy underwear shows.Among them, beautiful back dresses, electric sticks, and chastity belts not only have innovative designs, but also show more personality and temperament.This trend makes sexy underwear no longer old. It is suitable for all people’s fabrics, but a way to express itself.

Foreign sex underwear show

Foreign sex lingerie shows have attracted more and more attention.Whether it is Victoria’s Secret Show, New York Fashion Week, or Paris Fashion Week, various strange underwear are displayed.In foreign countries, sexy underwear has long been regarded as a part of fashion.

The future of sexy underwear

The changes in erotic underwear technology and design are changing.Innovative materials, special yarns and expensive items are gradually introduced into the design of sexy underwear, and the market is open to ordinary consumers.The future of sexy underwear is a model for other industries that urgently need respect, innovation and opening up. There is no doubt that sexy underwear has become a part of fashion, and it will continue to develop in the future to create more trends and changes.

in conclusion

Understanding the history of love underwear and the current market trend are necessary for those who like fashion.Although sexy underwear is no longer a controversial topic, many people still don’t know its essence.With the development of sexy underwear, it is becoming more thorough, innovative, open and entering the lives of ordinary people.Establishing sex underwear brands and companies that rely on sexy underwear to spread lifestyles will be greatly successful, and companies that do not pay attention to it will be eliminated by other companies that are more open and innovative.

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