Who is the models of 的 衣 趣 underwear?

Who is the models of 的 衣 趣 underwear?

Fei Mu is a well -known sexy underwear brand. Its unique design and high -quality fabrics make it highly sought after.With the development of the brand, more and more models have begun to show the beauty of underwear wearing Underwear.

1. Alsie Macri

Elli McRea was the spokesperson of Mu Mu, and she became the main model of this brand in 2018.Her exquisite temperament and perfect figure have established a high -quality image for the brand.

2. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid’s joining has further expanded the popularity of this brand.This model’s petite figure and cute face and the Mu brand are very cooperative.

3. Lily Oldridge

As one of the world’s most famous models, Lily Oldridge lent the beauty and transparency to the Mu brand.She represents the elegance and elegance of the brand.

4. Giselle Bangchen

Gisel Bangchen is a famous Brazilian model. Her calmness, self -confidence and professional spirit are not available by other models.Her high -quality standards and high -quality standards for the Mu brand are a perfect combination.

5. Hayley Baldwin

Hayley Baldwin was born in a family familiar with models and Hollywood, and she became the spokesperson of the Mu brand.Her youthful, diverse and fashionable style perfectly fit this brand.

6. Kali Cross

Carly Cross is a young model, but her performance is excellent.Her figure and face with the underwear of the Mu brand made her look very sexy and seductive.

7. Luo Tianyi

Luo Tianyi is a Chinese model. She represents the beauty of Asian women and is known as the king of French lace.On the Mu Mu brand underwear, she reflects the true nature of the brand, "unique and transformed"

8. Nastega Kuyong

Nastega Kurong is a natural beauty, and she is very close to the style of the Mu brand.Her performance showed dazzling beauty and deeply affected many people.

9. Zhao Benshan

As a representative of the film and television industry, Zhao Benshan also shot many advertisements for the Mu Mu brand.His humorous and humorous temperament has brought some special tones to this brand.

10. Rosen Powell

Rosen Powell was born in a model family. Her very beautiful lines and elegant faces complement each other.She became a very outstanding model on brand underwear.


The models of the Mu Mu brand can be said to have a variety of figures, temperament and face, but they have a very important thing in common: they all know how to reflect the essence of the brand, so that each underwear is worn on their bodies very much.nice.This also fully proves a fact: a successful brand requires many outstanding spokespersons to carry its brand image.Fei Mu underwear does do this, constantly seeking new model resources and constantly improving his brand image.

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