Why are sexy underwear?

Why are sexy underwear?

With the opening of sexual culture, sexy underwear has gradually become a popular product purchased by women.However, there is a problem that plagues many sexy goddesses: Why are sexy underwear?

1. Traditional settings

The design of erotic underwear is influenced by traditional culture and originated from ancient hibiscus pants.Hibiscus is a kind of ancient women’s underwear, similar to modern thongs.In ancient times, women’s skirts were very long, and pants were designed as tight and short hibiscus pants, allowing women to move freely during activity.

2. Aesthetic consideration

The design of thongs can highlight the body curve of women, making the hips more full of attention.The traditional round crotch panties only make women look sexy enough.Therefore, in order to pursue aesthetic needs, designers will be more inclined to design thongs.

Third, appropriate cover

Wearing thongs, the private parts of women are covered with the best cover. At the same time, it will not let the trousers stuck in the hip groove, which has a beautiful and refreshing effect.Other types of underwear will make women’s private parts too oppressive, leading to imbalance and hygiene.

Fourth, the sense of control

The design of thongs can make the hips have a sense of control and make the figure more charming.And other types of underwear are prone to relaxation, making the figure look awkward.

5. More intimacy

The design of sexy underwear is to increase interest and intimacy.The design of thongs can make women expose more skin, which increases the visual temptation effect and further enhances the intimacy between husband and wife.

6. Strong applicability

The design of thongs is suitable for most women, and there is no need to consider physical and age problems.Not only makes underwear more practical, it is also convenient for promotion and sales.

Seven, popular trend

With the opening of sexual culture, people pay more attention to the freedom of sex and the needs of individuals.Therefore, designers will also consider the aesthetics and needs of modern people when designing sexy underwear.Caberous pants, as a type of underwear with a strong air, have also become a fashion representative, and are more likely to be favored by consumers.

8. Real comfortable experience

Through pants are very breathable and comfortable in design, which is also the advantage of other types of underwear that is difficult to compare.After women put on thong, they will not have a sense of restraint, but they will feel relaxed and happy.

Finally, I think that the design of different styles of sexy underwear is to meet consumers’ personality needs and aesthetic requirements.Although the type of thong has become a representative style of sexy underwear, when facing different consumer groups, designers will also follow consumers’ needs and design models that are more in line with needs.

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