Why do I have a eye mask in sex underwear?

Why is there an eye mask in sex underwear

Title 1: What is the eye mask

If you have seen sexy sexy underwear, then you must know the eye mask. It is a slender item covered with the eyes. It is often used with sexy underwear.Eye masks are sometimes called eye bands or eye masks.People who usually wear it will promise the other party to "not touch" and other requirements to increase the irritation and mystery of sex.

Small Title 2: History of Eye Mask

Eye masks are not a new concept.In literary works and movies, we can find many characters who wearing eye masks, such as the baron and his assistant in "Thousands of Thousands of Thousands", as well as Mrs. Duku in "Star Wars".

In addition, wearing eye masks is also very common in BDSM culture.BDSM refers to a sexual behavior that allows your body to enter another state of consciousness, including punishment, slavery, pleading, flirting, control, performance, etc.

Small title three: What effect can the eye mask bring

The main effect of eye masks is to increase mystery and irritation in sex.It enlarge your senses and pay attention to more touch, smell and hearing.In addition, eye masks can no longer be disturbed by the surrounding environment, making your body and spirit more focused on pleasant impulse.

Small title four: How to use the eye mask

If you want to use eye masks in sex, then you should show your partner how to arrange for your partner after sex and verbal agreement.This way can help you better control your desires and expectations.There are many specific usage methods, you can choose according to your needs.

Title 5: How to match sex underwear and eye masks

To use eye masks and underwear to complete a perfect sex process, you need to choose sexy underwear with very good quality and comfort.In terms of underwear, choose different styles of different styles of sexy and irritating, such as transparent, lace, grid, Seli, and so on.You can make a variety of different choices according to your needs and preferences.

Small Title 6: Who is suitable for using eye masks

Eye masks are accessories that meet the needs of sex, suitable for anyone who wants to increase sexual stimulation.Not only is it suitable for couples, as people’s sexual concepts are becoming more and more open, more and more single people are also trying to use.

Small Title 7: How to choose the eye mask that suits you

Choose the right eye mask first to consider quality.Only quality eye masks can ensure comfort and safety during use.Second, you can also choose materials, shapes and colors.Avoid excessive sticking to the choice of color and style, choose the one that suits you.

Title eight: hidden safety hazards used in eye masks

Even if the eye mask is in good condition in sexual life, it still needs to pay attention to the safety hazards used.For example, don’t be too tight or over -tight.If you feel uncomfortable or disgusting because of eye masks, you should stop using immediately.

Title Nine: How to maintain the eye mask

Tip 1: Eye masks usually only need to be washed once in ordinary water or soapy water.

Tip 2: In order to ensure its quality and beauty, you can put the eye mask in a dry and clean place. Do not store too long.

Small title ten: The importance of the eye mask concluded

The use of sexy underwear and eye masks can increase the stimulation and mystery of sexual activity.Sleep mask can not only increase your sexual interest, but also give you a more beautiful sleep experience.In addition, pay attention to hidden dangers and maintenance problems when using eye masks.

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