Why is the handcuffs?

1. The role of handcuffs in sexy underwear

Handcuffs are usually related to sex games and role -playing, which is also one of the signs of sexy underwear.Handcuffs can not only increase sexual stimuli, but also be used to punish and control, stimulating more desires and pleasure.

Second, the difference between handcuffs

When choosing handcuffs, you need to consider its type.Common metal handcuffs and leather handcuffs.Metal handcuffs can provide a tighter sense of restraint, while leather handcuffs are more flexible and comfortable.In addition, there are special handcuffs that connect two handcuffs and stainless steel.

Third, handcuffs use skills

Pay attention to the following points when using handcuffs:

Ensure safety: When using handcuffs, ensure safety and avoid damage.

Keep soberness: Whenever you, you must ensure a sober and calm mind so that you can stop any behavior at any time.

Communication: Proper communication and negotiation with your partner before using handcuffs.

4. Situation and role -playing

Handcuffs are usually related to the situation and role -playing.For example, you can play police or criminals, or try other stimulating role -playing games.This can increase the sense of stimulation and increase the fun of sexual life.

5. The combination of handcuffs and his sexy underwear

Handcuffs are sometimes used with his fun underwear.For example, you can cooperate with sexual pajamas or sexy leather clothing to improve sexual stimuli.In addition, handcuffs can also be used with other sex toys, such as mouthball or whip.

6. When you are not suitable for handcuffs

Although handcuffs can increase sexual stimuli, not everyone is suitable for them.If you have one of the following situations, it is recommended not to handcuff:

Physical discomfort: If you are a matter of arthritis, fractures or any related to the wrist or hand disease, it is best not to use handcuffs.

Physical discomfort: If you have a certain degree of resistance to a sense of oppression or restraint, handcuffs may make you even more uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable: If handcuffs make you feel uncomfortable, or you don’t like to use handcuffs, then it is best not to force yourself.

Seven, handcuff maintenance methods

Handcuffs usually need to be maintained correctly to ensure its long -term use.The following is the maintenance method of handcuffs:

Avoid humidity and water: Handcuffs are usually made of metal or leather, so avoid too humid or water.

Wipe with a soft cloth: Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the dust and dirt on handcuffs.

Avoid direct sunlight: Do not expose handcuffs to direct sunlight to avoid fading and deformation.

Eight, handcuffs safety issues

Pay attention to safety issues during handcuffs.Here are some matters that need attention:

Don’t force too much: Don’t excessively force, so as not to cause harm to your partner.

Do not cut the wire: The wire used by handcuffs is very strong, not ordinary scissors can easily cut off.

Do not use it for a long time: long -term use of handcuffs may cause discomfort and harm to the body.

Nine, the role of handcuffs in sex life

Handcuffs are an important part of sexy underwear, which can make sexual life more exciting, interesting and satisfactory.In the case of correct use, handcuffs can be a closer connection between you and your partner and a more fun sex.

10. Summary

As one of the symbols of sexy underwear, handcuffs play an important role in sex games and role -playing.However, pay attention to safety when using handcuffs, use it in appropriate circumstances, and properly communicate and negotiate with your partner to improve the fun and stimulus of sexual life.

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