Will it be hard to wear a sexy underwear?

Will it be hard to wear a sexy underwear?

In modern society, more and more women wear sexy underwear to show their sexy charm.However, it is also a disturbing thing to be beautiful and uncomfortable.Will wearing a sexy underwear make women "hard"?Let’s discuss it below.

The impact of underwear on the human body

First of all, it must be acknowledged that underwear does have a certain impact on the human body, and different ways of dressing have different pressure on the breasts.Wearing a tight bra may increase the risk of breast cancer. Long -term tight sexy underwear can also cause physical compression, and over time, it will also affect the health of the body.

Choose the right material

However, if you can choose suitable underwear, the situation will change.Choosing appropriate materials, such as cotton and silk, will not cause oppression and stimulation to the human body, but will bring a certain protective effect to the body.Therefore, as long as you choose the right underwear, you will not feel "hard" after wearing.

Comfort is important

The same is true of wearing a sexy underwear.When choosing, you must give priority to the comfort of underwear.If the underwear is too tight or adds too much jewelry, it may make people feel uncomfortable or painful.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the design and materials should also be noticed.

Burning beauty and comfort

For women, whether the underwear is comfortable to wear is a problem that cannot be ignored.It is especially important to cherish health.However, if female friends want to show beauty and sexy, they cannot ignore the appropriate sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should find a balance between comfort and beauty, so that you can feel beautiful and comfortable.

Diversity of sexy underwear

There are many styles and styles of sexy underwear to meet different women’s wear needs.The current sex underwear is no longer a single and fixed, but a cute, sexy, charming, sweet or attractive style. There are many tricks to choose from.Therefore, as long as you find your style and style, you can take into account beauty and comfort.

Suitable occasion

Sex underwear should also consider wearing occasions.For daily wear, it is clear that you need to choose a more practical temperament underwear to promote the circulation of the body’s oxygen without affecting your health.For dating, parties, etc., sexy underwear is more suitable. It can not only highlight its sexy, but also increase the gas field and self -confidence.

The skills to buy sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, you also need to master some skills.First of all, you should pay attention to whether the shop you buy is a regular professional store.Secondly, according to your own body curve and characteristics, you should buy sexy underwear suitable for your body to ensure comfort and increase confidence.

Precautions for activities

For those women who like some difficult exercise, you need to pay special attention to the sexy underwear.In some occasions that need to exercise, such as yoga, running, etc., it is not advisable to wear too tight sexy underwear to avoid affecting normal blood circulation.Therefore, it is more suitable to wear underwear on these occasions.


In order to show their beauty and sexy, many women choose to wear sexy underwear.But for those who choose sexy underwear, comfort and nursing health are equally important.Selecting sexy underwear correctly, making the right choice according to the occasion and temperament, can show the sexy and charming of women, increase self -confidence and beauty.

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