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Diario Digital The Independent, has been informed of the arrival of dozens of investors in the Gulf of Papagayo who have not been informed that these lands are being claimed by the Guanacaste Brotherhood MANUEL PANIAGUA RODRÍGUEZ.
Investments in Papagayo risk being paralyzed by the inconclusive demands of the heirs of Paniagua, since the case has passed from the agrarian road to the criminal route where agrarian judges of Liberia have been sued and denounced by Doña Alba Mendoza, Executor of the Estate .
In an interdiction of new works the paralysis of works in the Gulf of Papagayo Project has been ordered; but as we have been informed, they continue as if nothing in the face of the legal subterfuge of judges and litigating lawyers of a capital law firm, attorneys and legal advisers of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.
The FOUR SEASONS hotel is a franchise of the most important in the world, located within a Concession that irregularly would have granted the company ECODESARROLLO PAPAGAYO, originally represented by the Costa Rican magnate Rodolfo Jiménez Borbón,*well-known entrepreneur who owns a large part of the Group’s shares Fifco and Cervecería Costa Rica.
In the Prosecutor’s Office of Liberia, criminal complaints are filed against representatives of the ICT and of the Attorney General’s Office for the alleged use that the latter have made of possibly false documents issued by a public official of the governing body of Tourism in Costa Rica.
Andaz and Rosewood are other franchises that will be sued in the coming days, said the representative of the Paniagua Estate.
President Carlos Alvarado has arrived from a successful tour of the United States and has asked the Council for former Presidents of our country, since one of his main goals for this Government is the attraction of foreign investment and what better than having the support of So High Dignitaries experts in this matter, because Costa Rica in the last years has grown considerably in tourist investment.
It has transpired in the news media that foreign investment, especially from the United States, is in suspense because of demands of US citizens for land claims and stoppage of projects for reasons of corruption that have reached the Courts of Justice and there have not found a solution fast
Diario Digital is attentive to the progress of these lawsuits directed against the franchises already established in Papagayo and of a precautionary measure that is being presented these days before the Contentious Administrative Tribunal, a judicial office that currently knows the originally agrarian claims of the Paniagua family; but now they move to that office because it is a land claim against the Costa Rican State.