Ask by a boyfriend to wear sexy underwear

Ask by a boyfriend to wear sexy underwear

What should I do if my boyfriend asked to wear a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a bold, sexy clothing, mainly used for sex games, flirting and passion between couples.And her boyfriend puts forward the request of wearing a fun underwear for his girlfriend, and many girls will feel a little troublesome and unacceptable.So, what should girls do in the face of such requirements?Here are some ideas and suggestions:

Understand your boyfriend’s needs

First of all, girls need to understand the reason why her boyfriend puts forward such a request.Most men are very concerned about the appearance and body of their girlfriend or wife, and they hope to be visually satisfied.As a sexy, special clothing, sexy underwear can make men feel more excited, satisfied and popular.Therefore, girls should understand this request with the mentality of her boyfriend and try to play a more active role in the relationship.

Understand the types and styles of love underwear

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Before considering wearing sexy underwear, girls need to understand the types and styles of love underwear.Interest underwear is not a specific type of clothing, but a concept, including rich and diverse models and styles, such as bras, underwear, stockings, lace, mesh, tulle, etc.Girls can choose the appropriate style according to their preferences, body shape and interest level, and also need to consider whether it is suitable for occasions.

Consider your own level of interest

Before wearing sexy underwear, girls need to consider their own level of interest and psychological tolerance.If the personality is introverted or conservative, it may be very confident in novelty items such as sex toys and sexy underwear.In this case, you may wish to try to communicate openly and gradually expand your scope of acceptance.

Understand your preferences and personality

Before deciding to wear sexy underwear, girls need to fully understand the preferences and personality of their and partners.If the boyfriend’s request is because of personal preferences, and girls themselves like to wear sexy underwear, it is easier to understand.But if the boyfriend’s request is for other reasons or is not interested in himself, then in -depth communication may be needed.

Consider occasion and time

Before wearing a sexy underwear, girls need to consider the occasion and time.Different types of sexy underwear have different scope of applications on different occasions and time.If you are in your own house or in the hotel room, you can choose a sexy, bold suit or short dress; if you are in public, you can choose more subtle stockings and lace underwear.

Pay attention to quality and hygiene issues

When choosing a sexy underwear, girls need to pay attention to quality and hygiene issues.Interest underwear is a private toy and will be exposed to the most sensitive parts, so pay attention to buying products with quality assurance to avoid problems such as discomfort and itching.At the same time, girls also need to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear to maintain personal hygiene and health.

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Learning wearing skills

Wearing sexy underwear requires certain skills, otherwise there may be some unexpected embarrassment.Girls can refer to some tutorials or watch some videos to learn how to wear and swing correctly to reflect the best sexy effect.

Maintain a confident mentality

Finally, girls need to maintain a self -confidence.Wearing erotic underwear is not a shame, nor will it affect personal dignity and respect.If girls are confidently wearing sexy underwear and performing naturally sexy and bold, they will make her boyfriend feel happier and satisfied, and achieve better sexual relationships.

in conclusion

Faced with the requirements of her boyfriend, wearing erotic underwear does not need to be too troublesome and unacceptable.Girls can consider the needs of her boyfriend appropriately, understand the types and styles of love underwear, understand the preferences and personality of themselves and their partners, and maintain a confident mentality.Wearing erotic underwear helps to stimulate the enthusiasm of fun and sex, and enhance each other’s feelings, it has a certain promotion effect on the maintenance and development of couple relationships.