Dreaming to buy sexy underwear trial to take pictures

I. Introduction

Recently, I had a strange dream, dreaming that I bought a sexy underwear in the mall, and then tried to take pictures.When I woke up, I thought about the meaning of this dream for a long time, and finally concluded that sexy underwear has become an indispensable element in the life of modern women.In this article, I will introduce some types of sexy underwear and way of dressing.

Second, bra

The bra is the most commonly worn underwear style wearing women. The purpose is to support the breast and maintain a beautiful appearance.The bras of sexy underwear are more sexy than the bras wearing daily bras. They often use lace, silk and other materials, and are more avant -garde in design.Choosing the right bra can make women get more confidence in wearing.

Third, bottom pants

Underwear is an important part of sexy underwear, they come from different styles and designs.Among them, the most popular are thongs and T -shaped pants.Both styles are designed to highlight the hip curve and sexy temperament of women.When buying bottom pants, you should choose the appropriate size. Do not choose too small, otherwise it is easy to hold the meat.

Fourth, suspenders and bodies

The suspender and body jacket can be used to enhance women’s figure curves and shape their sexy figure.The suspender is usually used to increase the retro and sexy elements.The body clothes make the women’s body more full and more curved.When wearing a thinness, you can also choose to get your clothes.

Five, lace and set

As one of the most popular sexy lingerie styles, lace and sets are the main features of lace decoration, perspective design and sexy temperament.They can be used for various occasions, from a romantic night with a partner to an impressive fashion party.When choosing lace and set, pay attention to the choice of material and size.

6. Body -shaping underwear

Body -shaping underwear is mainly used to adjust the body, reduce the fat of the waist and hips, and correct the sitting position.They are an indispensable existence in women’s daily underwear, which can make women confident and comfortable when wearing.However, when choosing a suitable bodywear, pay attention to ensure that the size is suitable. Do not choose too tightly, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Seven, stockings

For sexy underwear, stockings are an important accessory. They can increase women’s sexy temperament, and can also allocate various clothing.There are various colors and patterns in stockings. Women can choose a suitable style, with the right shoes to increase temperament.

Eight, bellyband and briefs

The bellyband and briefs are another popular style of sexy underwear, which is especially loved by young women.The bellyband can make women’s belly thinner and more beautiful.The design of briefs can highlight the hip curve of women, which is more sexy and charming.They are indispensable parts in nightclubs, parties and private occasions.

Nine, internal and external

There are two different ways of dressing underwear, internal and external.The interior is wearing in ordinary underwear, and the external wear indicates that sexy underwear is worn as ordinary clothing.Both have their unique charm, and women should choose according to their own feelings and the needs of the occasion.

10. Conclusion

Interest underwear can not only make women more confident and comfortable in emotional life, but also a reflection of fashion and aesthetics.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make women more beautiful and elegant, increase self -confidence and charm.

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