Fun underwear dog ring picture Daquan video

Fun underwear dog ring picture Daquan video

[Small title: Understand the love underwear dog ring]

A special style in sexy underwear -sex toy and dog ring, also known as the glans dog ring or penis ring, is a kind of male supplies.The product puts the ring on the male glans, stimulating the glans, making it easier for men to reach orgasm.Here, let’s take a look at the sexy underwear dog ring.

[Small Title: Fun Underwear Dog Dog Type]

There are many types of sexy underwear dog rings, with different sizes, different materials, different materials, and can also be divided into two types: charging and non -charging according to different functions.

[Small title: Features of non -charging dog ring]

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The materials of non -charging dog rings are mainly metal, silicone, leather, etc.This material’s dog ring is more exciting and can bring better stimulus feelings to men.

[Small title: Features of charging dog ring]

The characteristic of the charging dog ring is that it can give men different modes, can adjust the vibration level and different modes, and sometimes use wireless remote control to control.These characteristics make the dog ring more convenient for men, making the sex process more interesting and innovative.

[Small title: How to use sexy underwear dog ring]

When using a sexy underwear dog ring, you need to put it on the glans, and you need to pay attention to the size. Too tightly affects the blood circulation. Too wide will make the dog ring slip.When using it, you need to cooperate with the lubricant to facilitate putting and taking off.

[Small title: The benefits of sexy underwear dog ring]

Fun underwear dog ring can not only enhance male pleasure, but also enhance the endurance of sexual organs, extend the time of the forefront, enhance the flow of blood, and make sex more exciting.

[Small title: In the uncomfortable crowd of sexy underwear dog ring]

Fun underwear dog ring is not suitable for everyone.For example, those who have the same size scars, or people who expose the disease of the glans or the disease of the mucous membrane should avoid the use of erotic underwear dog rings, which increases the risk of infection virus.

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[Small title: Cleaning method of sexy underwear dog ring]

After using the colorful lingerie dog ring, clean should be cleaned immediately.Cleaning methods and materials are also important.It is recommended to use warm water and soap, or use professional adults cleaner to clean.Special handmade leather dog ring can use professional leather cleaning tools to wipe.

[Small title: Summary]

Fun underwear dog ring is a unique sex toy. Male friends can choose the type that suits them according to their preferences.Before use, pay attention to understanding the precautions and cleaning methods, so as not to cause unnecessary difficulties and dangers, and bring high -quality and healthy protection to your sex experience.