How to play with sex underwear

Know your body and preference

Putting on sex underwear and recording a video may make people a little shy.Therefore, we must first understand your body and preferences.Understand your body shape, body shape, and body size so that you can better choose the most suitable sexy underwear.At the same time, when choosing sexy underwear, consider your personal preferences and sexual orientation, so that you are comfortable, confident and sexy.

Choose the right sexy underwear

There are many kinds of erotic underwear, including sexy lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, and adult sex lingerie.When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider your body shape and type carefully.For example, if you are a small breast girl, consider choosing sexy underwear with built -in support and increase the chest curve.In addition, selective sexy, adults or European and American sex underwear according to your sexual orientation to meet your needs.

Pay attention to material and comfort

When choosing sexy underwear, materials and comfort are also important factor.Choose a soft, comfortable, easy to breathe and keep it clean to avoid being too tight or too loose, so that it is more comfortable to wear.In order to meet video needs, you can choose some more strange sexy underwear in color and texture, but you must pay attention to your comfort.

Choose a good shooting angle

If you want to shoot a good sexy underwear video, it is important to choose a good shooting angle.In order to show the details of your body curve and erotic underwear, you can choose to shoot from multiple angles and postures, such as front, back, side, low angle, and high angle.Select the appropriate shot focal length and shooting distance, as well as the appropriate light environment to obtain the best results.

Use accessories to improve visual effects

Accessories can add a lot to sexy underwear videos.For example, choose some strange bracelets, necklaces or earrings to increase your fashion and personality; choose some smoke bombs, balloons or decorations of different colors and shapes to increase the atmosphere and effect.Choosing accessories that are beneficial to shooting can make your sexy underwear videos more colorful.

Add music elements

Music is one of the important elements of sexy underwear videos, which can add emotional and atmosphere to the video.Choosing music that fits the theme and your own style can make the video more attractive.You can record the audio of the video during shooting, or the later editing with background music to achieve better audiovisual effects.

Show your personality

In addition to showing erotic underwear and body curve, you can also show your personality and style.Choose a strange and unique sexy underwear, or prepare some personalized props and decorations to enrich the video content.Showing your unique style and personality can make your sexy underwear videos more outstanding.


Shooting sexy underwear videos may make people a little nervous and embarrassing. At this time, you need to adjust your emotions and status appropriately and relax yourself.You can do some yoga or breathing exercises before shooting to alleviate your tension.When shooting, you can choose appropriate music or relaxed atmosphere to make yourself more relaxed.

Share your video

Finally, share your sexy underwear video with your partner or friend.Share your videos can increase your confidence and sense of accomplishment and shorten your psychological distance.At the same time, your partner or friend can also understand your needs and preferences from your videos and enhance your feelings.


Wearing a sexy underwear to shoot videos requires certain skills and experience, but as long as you learn and practice, you can master it.The key is to understand your body and preferences, choose the right sexy underwear, choose the appropriate shooting angle and accessories, add music elements, show your personality, relax yourself, and finally share your videos with others.Through these steps, you can shoot a sexy underwear video full of personality and fashion to show your charm.

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