Leakage and erotic underwear pictures

Leakage and erotic underwear pictures

What is the erotic lingerie?

Leakage and erotic underwear is a sexy female underwear. It is especially in designed a opening or ordinary underwear position in the hip position to be deliberately deleted, thereby revealing the private parts of women, which is very teasing.

Leakage and erotic underwear classification

There are many different types of omissions of erotic lingerie, including three -point, split, T -shaped, butterflies, no trace underwear, lace, translucent, mesh, decoration, Trojan, etc.Each brand and designer have different imagination and ability.

Leakage and erotic underwear style selection

Velvet Floral Lace Teddy Bodysuit – 10279

Leakage and sexy lingerie has different types of clothes. Some are more suitable for opportunities to wear, such as dating, party, birthday celebrations, or Valentine’s Day. Some are suitable for daily underwear.When selecting styles, you should consider comfort, body cover degree, hip size and shape.

Material selection of omissions of sexy underwear

Leakage and sexy underwear usually uses lace, mesh, silk, leather, metal and gauze and other materials.Each material has its unique texture and visual effect, and has different choices for different body types and occasions.

The color choice of omissions of sexy underwear

The choice of omissions of sexy underwear is also very important.Black, red, or dark colors are sexy and seductive colors, and pink or white is more sweet and playful.According to different occasions and body types, choosing different colors can make you more confident and sexy.

Demonstration of sexy underwear size selection

When wearing a sexy underwear, the correct size is very important.Too large underwear cups can cause the "dog belt" effect, while too small size is not only opaque, but also causes unnecessary acne.It is recommended to select the size according to your actual body size.

Demonstration of erotic underwear wearing

Wearing a leaky sexy underwear requires certain skills.First wear the underwear on the underwear bench of Hong Kong, and adjust it to the right position.Then adjust the cup with the size of your chest and fine -tuning according to the effect you want.Finally, you can add a thin coat or skirt to cover some sensitive areas.

Oil Shine

Maintenance of omissions of sexy underwear

Leakage and sexy underwear usually requires special maintenance and maintenance.It is recommended to follow the washing instructions of each underwear, only wash the dark and light underwear, and use the underwear bag to protect lace, pearls and other details.During the drying process, pay attention to the shape of the underwear, and do not hang in the sun to avoid damage.

The hygiene problem of omissions of sexy underwear

Dressing and omissions of sexy underwear will bring some hygiene problems, such as pollution, obsessive -compulsive disorder, obesity, etc. of excrement or secretions.It is recommended to keep "cleaning and drying" when wearing sexy underwear to avoid using excessive perfume or cosmetics, and regularly clean and replace underwear.

in conclusion

Leakage and sexy underwear is a sexy, passionate and transcendence of conventional women’s underwear.However, we need to take it seriously when choosing, wearing, and maintenance to maintain health and beauty.